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I love how you make it feel so light and ethereal! The way you integrated the little prisms of light are subtle and beautiful.

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Thank you so much! :love:

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Jesus, is she forming a Hadouken? A Kamehameha?

Either way, glorious stuff! Although, that bird is very hard to miss!

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Awesome atmosphere detected)

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You draw awsome! <3
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Stunning colors and sense of motion!
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This is incredibly pretty!!! you  use colors in a very smart way, it just makes me happy to look at!
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The color palette is so easy on eyes, the girl is radiating the refreshing power of spring and growth to me. :D

Do those flowers in her hair have roots in her head or do they not need roots to survive? @_@
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The flowers are a type of faerie glamour, meaning that they are illusions with physical substance. They reflect her health and respond to her mental state; extra flowers might grow if she's overjoyed, or they might wilt if she's experiencing deep sorrow.
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Aw, that sounds logical, and also a good indicator to help people around her know how to act with her. Do these flowers produce tiny seeds if she's feeling in the mood to reproduce? @_@
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Haha, I don't think so.
She does, however, have a small faerie companion who takes the shape of a butterfly, and it can often be seen perching in her hair.
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oh, oh this is so beautiful - the colours and the vibrancy is absolutely stunning and the texture is just wow, gorgeous
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you're super welcome!!
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The magic is gorgeous! I love the pastel color scheme and the flowers are beautifully drawn and colored! I maybe a bit jealous

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