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Avatar Monsters: Zombie Aang



The first in a series I'm making, featuring Avatar characters as classic Hollywood Monsters :dance:
Here, as you can see, is Zombie Aang...sorry if you find it disturbing; that's kind of the point ;P

After getting shot through by Azula's lightning bolt at the end of season 2, both Aang and the Avatar spirit die. Katara uses the spirit oasis water to resurrect him - however, she only has enough healing energy to bring back 1 life. Since the Avatar spirit is more important to the survival of the world, it is revived. Aang himself remains dead, and the Avatar spirit comes to inhabit the lifeless corpse. Thus, the power of the Avatar spirit lives on, untempered by any sort of humanity. Aang becomes a sort of supremely destructive zombie, driven only to wander and fight, without the capability to heal - yet without the ability to die. The Avatar spirit cannot reincarnate into the next nation in the cycle because, hey, you can't kill what's already dead.

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Jesus it's creppy