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Avatar Monsters: Mummy Toph

And finally, after 9498724839849 years, here is the fourth in my series featuring Avatar characters as classic Hollywood Monsters! :D

It's...Mummy Toph! I apologize for the massive wait between this pic and the last one...what can I say? I just wasn't feeling inspired ^^; But now I am again, so rejoice! :dance:

In this version of events, Sokka, Aang, and Katara are not able to escape the lost library in time, and it sinks beneath the sands of the desert, leaving Toph alone in the middle of a vast wasteland. Exhausted, thirsty, and still in shock over the disappearance of her friends, Toph wanders through the desert until she finally succumbs to heat stroke and loses consciousness. Shortly afterward, a group of roaming sand benders find the seemingly lifeless girl half buried in a dune. Assuming the worst, they do what they can, and hurriedly wrap her in a shroud of bandages and deposit her in an empty sarcophagus in one of their tombs. Revived by the cool damp of the tomb, Toph awakens and emerges from her final resting place, dead set on following the sand-benders and doing whatever is necessary to save herself and her friends ;)

I know it's not as creepy as the others, but hey...Toph is so damn badass that she can grin death right in the face, and look hella cool doing it :XD: Enjoy!

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Toph: Wow, I've been dead for a long time and I'm still the greatest earthbender in the world.

sarahjim798821's avatar

But Toph was never able to learn metalbending though.

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This looks really impressive. 
LaReforma1857's avatar
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This honestly makes me mad, THE WAY YOU SPELL IT IS TOFF, NOT TOPH!
sarahsmiles916's avatar
Oh my- YES!
No wonder the curse of the mummy is so gruesome- They left her in sand!!! :lmao:
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To oh makes a sexy mummy- Do Sukiyaki or Avatar Kyoshi As mummies!!
TieAndyUp's avatar
Sick i love it
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I want to see Zuko as a creature created by Iroh as a Mad Scientist!
"I am not Toph. I AM IM-HO-TOPH!"
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OMFG Hahaha that is hilarious
Yeah. I wanted to combine her line from the last episode and the Mummy.
Technically Toph isn't a monster, she was just accidentally buried alive. 
anime-halo's avatar legit. I love what youve done. XD
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