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November 2, 2020
Arcane Idol OCC: The Butterfly Poet by Acaciathorn
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Arcane Idol OCC: The Butterfly Poet



A gifted wordsmith, Dorothy "Dottie" Maybury was something of a local celebrity at her Assisted Living Facility. Her weekly live-reading always drew a crowd, as residents and caregivers alike gathered round to hear her vivid, whimsical poems. A lover of all things wingèd, her writings were filled with soaring birds, tumbling leaves, and flitting butterflies. It was a good life, albeit a quiet one. Secretly, Dottie longed to share her gift with the rest of the world.


Talisman by Acaciathorn
One day in early spring, as Dottie was outside enjoying the sunshine, she noticed a peculiar flower growing in the garden. As she wheeled over for a closer look, her curiosity grew. She had never before seen such a strange rose: vibrant green, with petals like butterfly wings. Bewitched by its appearance, she plucked the blossom and placed it in her hair. It wasn't until later that she discovered its true power.
That evening, as she began her weekly recitation, something extraordinary happened: her words took physical form, leaping from her mouth as cursive spirals. Her audience watched in astonishment as the words transformed into images, dancing and frolicking in a riot of motion and color. Dottie's inner world had come alive. Haikus did delicate pirouettes, limericks pranced and strutted, and sonnets bloomed and wilted and bloomed again.


Logo by Acaciathorn
Word of Dottie's remarkable ability spread quickly, and before long she was performing at sold-out venues. Inspired by her nature motifs, fans created a logo to show their appreciation: an iridescent, wingèd microphone. This earned Dottie the moniker "The Butterfly Poet". True to form, she imagined morphos and monarchs and swallowtails, and penned them into life.


Empowered by her talisman, Dottie's schedule grew increasingly hectic. She made several improvements to her trusty wheelchair, providing additional comfort and style. Thanks to these decorations, her mobility aid came to be known as "The Featherback". Never forgetting her roots, Dottie used her newfound fame to advocate for the disabled, purchasing top-of-the-line medical supplies for the handicapped and chronically ill. She went on to have a long and successful career, and her joyful self-expression became a beacon for all those looking for color in their lives.

Stock and Brushes Credit: Grutbrushes | CreativeMarket

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OldHeadEd's avatar

Like the nice gamut of warm greens on display here, as well as being able to see the tooth of the paper! Good stuff!

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ChaosFay's avatar
This is beautiful!
Libra1010's avatar

Lovely, lively work!

Acaciathorn's avatar
LindArtz's avatar

Wonderful work! :clap: !!!

Acaciathorn's avatar
MelanieMacbeth86's avatar

This is beautiful! I love the background and the character design

Acaciathorn's avatar
vtfanendergirl's avatar

wow this is really pretty ,and there's so much detail in the description! Great job

Acaciathorn's avatar
Theeartistkid's avatar
The white background suits this perfect,I also like that there is a bio with this piece.I love her expression as well as her clothing,she appears to be in peace within herself.
Gugnugl's avatar
This is true art. 12 out of ten stars because you got extra Points for things i didn't consider before. Keep going with that. This makes the world better.
dreameroftheblue's avatar
so prettyyyyy! (F2U) sparkles (F2U) sparkles (F2U) sparkles 
and so rare to see wheelchairs in any art, ever 8'O are they hard to draw?
(I've always imagined it'd be easiest to just grab some free to use lines off of google sketchup or something, cause freehanding them consistently sounds hard)
Acaciathorn's avatar
I used a picture of a wheelchair and just simplified it...I couldn't produce one from memory, that's for sure :XD:
Triagonal's avatar
This is true freedom. Better than any mobility.
AikaWolfsoul's avatar
May I say this is a beautiful drawing! I love the little details you put on the butterflies and the hummingbird, also the mix of colors between greens and blues are just stunning.
You drawing gives very good feelings and vibes, is just... it gives you a smile ~
Also reading your first comment, oh geez... at least your uncle was an amazing person to give you so much happiness that day, what a precious moment <3
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