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Anji Jadhav

It's my New Year's me! I'm so happy :iconemperorkuzcoplz: This is my Harry Potter character Isadora's mother, Anji Jadhav. Originally from Goa, Anji moved to Britain at the age of 18 and started her own jewelry-making business. She fell in love with a wizard, Patrick Shearwater, but the relationship ended under mysterious circumstances when Isadora was still a toddler. Patrick used the obliviate spell on Anji for unknown reasons, then abandoned them both.
It was definitely his loss, since Anji is so generous and tender-hearted that she was even willing to adopt Isadora's best friend Ondine, after Ondine's father went to Azkaban for attempted murder. Their makeshift family currently lives together in Kent.

Happy 2018 everyone!
Player characters' moms, continued: Gwyneth Fabius by Acaciathorn Becky Richmond by Acaciathorn
Stock: Texture - Sandstone | Green Tea Splat
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Awesome and beautifully painted work! Love every single detail on this painting!
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Awesome character - portrait with really nice jewelry! I suppose that makes sense, given her occupation!
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So she's a Harry Potter character?
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This is so beautiful :) 
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She's beautiful, both inside and out.
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So beautiful and so shiny!  She looks kind of shy in this one, but very sweet.  Gosh I love her hair.  And I cannot believe she's wearing that many earrings.  I'd get sore ears.  She's so fab here!  And she make's jewellery?  OMG!  So amazing. 
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