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That night. I woke to Clarity.....and Memory.

Their faces..... They were so frightened....


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This is crazy good! Is it based on a nightmare? It feels like a nightmare like when you wake up scared to death but think back on it and say "woah that was actually pretty cool."

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I've been trying to study art in black and white, and I am very glad I found your account.

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When your inner Purgatorius utters a primordial squeak, and 65 Million years melts away.

Fortunately, it has the teeth of a fish eater.

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This piece is so fantastical and eerie, I love it!

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Who says goth horror can't have kaiju?

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For some reason this peace makes me laugh, because it makes me think of this:

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Gloriously unsettling - beautiful work! :)

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this is strangely look so beautiful and gorgeous ^^

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That's amazing. I love your work 😊🖤

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This series is amazing. Is it my imagination, or is that corvid beast getting larger?

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gosh this is amazing!
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How delightfully dread worthy !
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