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I made these to pass some free time... maybe I could have done something that hasn't been done a million times (I think this is my 4th..?) but BLAH
Also posted these individually in my tumblr, where I post pixels more frequently:
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Shiny 3D etc... is great, but I'd be pretty damn stoked if the FFVII Remake could look like this.
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These are without a doubt the best Final Fantasy Pixel art sprites out there. Number 1 on google image search and perfect style and scale to each other.
Same with most JRPGs you've done. Do you have any plans to do a FFVIII one? I imagine it's more difficult or maybe less interesting since they're all human models with different clothing.
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Aeris is my favorite.
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They look awesome.
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Watch out for those pointy bits.
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Favorite: Barret, Vincent, and Red XIII
People are making money off of your work on FB with T-shirts, if that is not you, FYI.  Send me a message for the URL, as deviantart won't let me post without thinking it's spam.
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Love the Red XIII one so much!
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Very nicely done!
You should recreate these with all individual pieces for body parts and armor laid out on one image so that people like myself can make rigs and make animations and games. Like a spritesheet.
These are super tight.
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If only there was an FF 2D fighting game to use these in
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If FFVII had sprite-based graphics like this, then nobody would have ever wanted a remake. Those early 3D games have aged poorly, but sprites are timeless.

Anywho, good job on these.
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That is so true. I can go back to 16-bit games just fine to this day, but first-gen 3D makes my eyes bleed. Once I saw a Playstation 2 in action, all 3D graphics before that point were dead to me. Those first 3D consoles may have had the minimum power to make 3D work, but they didn't have the power to make 3D look good.

And speaking of dead to me and FFVII remakes, I always feared that when it happened, they wouldn't just improve the technical presentation, but totally overhaul the art direction itself to be more realistic, along the lines of Advent Children's visuals. And hey, what a surprise, that's exactly what they did. I loved the way the FFVII cast looked in the original Nomura illustrations, or Kingdom Hearts (mostly the first one, because I hated their Advent Children outfits,) and even in these sprites here. But like all Nomura designs, they look absolutely awful when they get close to anything realistic. (And besides that, I wouldn't have been a fan of Japanese RPGs in the first place if I wanted realistic art direction in any context.) So I guess I'll always be stuck with original FFVII's horrible early 3D graphics, or the remake's horrible art direction. But never a version that has both the right style and technology.
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Well, there are mods for the PC version that try to update the graphics without changing the style entirely.  The Reunion mod (which is also a retranslation and a menu overhaul) has a good one, and it's compatible with the Steam release.  The model overhaul in the Reunion mod just makes the models a bit taller, and unblocks the blocky original chibi designs (hands look like hands, and so on).
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Gonna have to agree. 👍🏾
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