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By AbyssWolf
Another FF sprite project I've been teasing on twitter, this time Final Fantasy VI. It has been interesting to retake designs keeping in mind the Amano designs and the ingame sprites
Here you can find the sprites with transparent BG:

Also for more pixelart you can follow my on twitter and tumblr
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MY GOD, THIS IS AMAZING! Really, this drawing gets better every time I look at it. Each one of them is so detailed and expresses their personality in a glorious way. Edgar was my favorite of them, and well, he is my favorite of VI cast, so it wasn´t a surprise. I would like to see him holding his crossbow too, but this is perfect, really. Stellar job!

i adore this game lol, great job!

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Each one of these is a masterpiece in itself! I love this game, and it feels so great to see a set of sprites so well done!

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I am LOVING this! You do enthralling sprite work, it's not even funny. You've earned yourself a watcher, friend.
This is stunning!
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This is pretty awesome
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I just did the game several months ago, and seeing them in a more detailled pixel art is wonderful. Thanks ! <3
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Nice sprites. I didn't know Sabin had a beard.
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Your work is amazing you should do some Dark Souls stuff!
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Nice art work you did.
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Absolutely Fantastic - huge fan of FF6 and this is excellent 
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See now, if the iOS version had this artstyle, maybe it wouldn't have gotten reamed like it did.
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love your paletes, nice use of shades
ProdigyKajji1216's avatar Terra left handed? Sephiroths' daughter........XD
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Do you think you could possible do a Lasswell from Brave Exvius?
You are impressive!!! A big thank you for sharing this with a big fan of the game.
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These are seriously cool, great job.
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you remind me too much of how much I suck. 
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Wow. Very nice pixel work. I still consider it Final Fantasy III, US super nintendo versions fault.
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