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OMG! good job man, it's incrible

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YES! Greninja is super good
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Yay, Pikachu is centered in the middle! :D

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Lucas is like "PK Freeze!"

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I wonder if you will ever update this one with the current SSBU roster. I would really love to see characters like King K. Rool and Banjo & Kazooie in your pixel-art-style.

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Nice job on this!

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I love this style!! Are you gonna make any for Ultimate? I think Joker, Terry, Simon, Young Link would look so great! And Sans too for the memes lol.

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Looks amazing. :D
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Are you ever going to make more of these for Super Smash Bros Ultimate? The pictures are amazing, and I would love to see some of the new fighters in Smash Ultimate
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it would be cool to see and update with smash ultimate characters 
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They all look so beautiful! :D
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Damn, this looks amazing! Good job!
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Are we allowed to use these in our own work?
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Can't wait for the Smash Ultimate Rendition.
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and, of course, in the middle, is rosalina.
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This is so cool!!! I wish you put the Inkling somewhere, though. 'Cause y'know...the new trailer....But this is still really cool! I hope Bayonetta is in the new SSB game!
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God theyre so crisp
wow men its very good !!
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aaaa i remember loving the brawl sprites when i was younger, im so glad i caught this! theyre so beautiful and dynamic
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Lol i like how Pikachu is in the middle 
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