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Into Werewolf

By AbyssWolf
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Wanted to try a new type of animation, and this is the result.
The character is a bit random, made it up for this, didnt want to use the design of my character because it was a bit too detailed (this one is kinda detailed too though)

Total of 79 frames.
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You need to do more of this transformation, please I beg you.
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this is very good! although i feel bad for him....
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I so wanna be the guy In the animation
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I thought it was Yugo from bloody roar
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That is a really awesome transformation sequence, though!  I see there is also another one that you did where you took more time on the physical effects the character goes through in order to transform.
GermanTourist's avatar
Cute yet awesome! 
LizzyStorms's avatar
Adorable, yet vicious in a weird way...
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awsome werewolfs are awsome
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That's a great animation
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That's awesome!!! I love werewolves!!!
MrXLOlavarria's avatar
This sprite looks so awesome! I seriously would love to play a video game with this as a playable character.
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reminds me of metal slug :O
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you should try to make this into a mugen character
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cool what software do you use

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okay, that's just too cool.
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Me receurda a J Talban :)
ezzumuzu's avatar
Wow...Can u make a girl version? :D
kusakakun's avatar
wow, me love werrewolf too
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Is it ok if I use this as an avatar? :iconbegplz:
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Awesome! X) And, when, he transforms the little werewolf looks really cute! XD
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