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Final Fantasy IX

By AbyssWolf
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Some sprites of the characters of FF9 I have been making between work hours
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Hi. I really like FFIX. And this image in particular. You would have it in higher resolution to be able to make a painting with it. :D

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Nice job,MY fAVORITE FF Game 
Lovely sprites! Now, I wanna see a FF9 game made in them!
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WOW!! Great game also!
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Can you make an idle sprite animation of Princess Garnet (Dagger) & Eiko just like you did to Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII?
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Vivi is my favorite
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My favorite FF game!! Way cool!
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The Final Fantasy that i prefer, they're all good ! Amarante is my favorite
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Everyone READY FOR BATTLE and Quina is like 'Me bought me eating fork!'
Really great !
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bosses: error!charaCreepy Chara Emote  and error!flowey[Undertale] Flowey Emoticon 35 


group: zinade, steiner, vivi, and dagger.

battle music:…

who win?
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Zidane you meant?
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Its.... Perfect....
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This looks absolutely amazing, I will say though, I kinda wish they were a bit more spaced out so that they weren't overlapping each other. 
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Jesus. These are good.
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It would be great to see Freya and Zidane in MUGEN or Card Wars. Specially Freya...
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Easily my favorite Final Fantasy game. Loved the characters, the story, the world, all of it.
Beware, Kuja, they're coming for you XD
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