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Cless Alvein

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Published: August 23, 2006
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Cless from Tales of Phantasia, wanted to pixel him in a bigger scale like ToR or ToDr. I'd like to do more later on (if this summer ever ends)
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I'm a pretty big fan of Tales of Phantasia; wouldn't I love to see this Cress (or Cless) in a game...
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Oh you had me at Tales of Phantasia buddy
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You have a gift man!
Just wish to see Phantasy Star I~IV characters in your deviant page one day.
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euclidesacHobbyist Writer
Super nice. I'm a fan of your work.
Browntown747's avatar
snivy? [Is Cless holding the Eternal Sword?]
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dragonsong17Hobbyist General Artist
he looks awesome! i especially love the sword.
Weather-Angel-Adept's avatar
Well, this is definitely an improvement over the in-game sprites, which don't show nearly enough detail on the characters. Nice job! :)
Anthonyhayball's avatar
If only Namco could do the same.
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Its a shame Tales of Phantasia (GBA) Had bad translations and glitches out the wazu.
I wish it could have been Like Tales of the World Narikiri Dungeon 2&3 (GBA) No glitches at all.
Good sprite though. It'd be better in a complete sheet, but that takes too long.
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The PSX version was amazing though! (if you found it fanlated like I did) the GBA was absolute crap in my opinion! It took all the love out of it, especially the Arche's "tummy ache" on the ship part! The PSX version was 4-player at least... nonetheless, awesome pic!!
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no acabe ese juego....
NinjaBING's avatar
Cool! Good anime, shame it was so short....I should probably just play the game... heheh!
Danief's avatar
tales of phantasia... what a game.
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Advent-AxlProfessional General Artist
I envy your skills so much, how do you do it

and isn't he from Tales of Phantasia?
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AleissaStormwindHobbyist Writer
And love it. Have you ever worked with RPG Maker?
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Genis-Sage99Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so glad you put Cless instead of Cress (like they did in the American GBA game >_< ) Your sprite work is awesome!!
AleissaStormwind's avatar
AleissaStormwindHobbyist Writer
Whoever wants to mimic that GBA version anyway? I enjoyed the SNES version alot more than that one, especially due to the sound quality on the SNES being somehow better. I hated the crackle when transitioning to the world map in the GBA vesion.
Genis-Sage99's avatar
Genis-Sage99Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never played the SNES one, but I'd love to (I can't find it ANYWHERE!! >_< ) With my GBA version, it glitched up a LOT. >.<
AleissaStormwind's avatar
AleissaStormwindHobbyist Writer
I believe they were either going to port it to the PSP, or otherwise just get a well-translated ROM. Better than that GBA shit.
Genis-Sage99's avatar
Genis-Sage99Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yeah, for sure
Weyard's avatar
WeyardHobbyist General Artist
They did release a psp port with full voice acting I think.
The GBA one was too glitchy to play, it always glitched before I got on the boat near the beginning on my game x.x
Genis-Sage99's avatar
Genis-Sage99Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I'm glad I'm not the only one that had a glitchy ToP game
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