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Chrono Trigger

Sprites for all the cast of CT. The Crono one is the one I made for Card Sagas Wars, but i've been wanting to do all of them for a while, and I've been having a lot of spare time at work so... :P

I gotta say that Chrono Trigger is one of my favourite games from all time.
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I found another instance of someone using this exact image and layout to sell shirts & other merch online: They're also using your other pixel character art from the FF series. Unfortunately, I purchased the CT shirt without even thinking at the time, but now that I realize my mistake, I'm more than happy to contribute to you directly.

Very nice work

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your art is fantastic, splendid job my friend
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This is so amazing, fantastic work. :D
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Fantastic!! btw also amazing rpg game!!
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Freaking amazing :D 
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nice mf job dude!!
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I wish Square would make a new 2D game with your sprites.. 
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Fantastic! The best game ever made!
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someone is using your art to make shirts on ebay and Facebook :(   Hope you are getting a cut at least.
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Really nice work!
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This is awesome!
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jesus! That is absolutely gorgeous. very talented
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