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[MMD] Violette/Bunny Blumstein (updated...again)

Credits: Nexon, Valve, TDA, MMDMariaxx, KyoukiIkki, UtauRueCross, Shioku-990, AbyssLeo Meow :3 

"I never thought that an ordinary girl like me will have such a big responsibility...I miss the old park I used to walk along, the mall I used to go...Rook, I have no ideas how long do I have to wait, or rather, to fight..."-Violette Blumstein

Violette Blumstein is the daughter of the Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany. 
Violette, unlike any other normal girls, she likes participate in sports and martial arts, and at age 14, Violette reached "shodan" rank in Aikido. Violette did not receive much love from her mother however, so she she spent most of her time on studying language and whenever her dad was free, she would always follow him to the range or to the gym. At age 18, Violette was allowed to go study abroad to Osaka, Japan, where she will learn Japanese exclusively and have a chance to participate in Aikido martial arts along with Japanese students. Being an international student attracted quite a lot of students, which lead to jealousy among the girls students...Violette was bullied quite a lot during her study then, but she would never fight back, because she was afraid that the consequence might affect her study, her father and her well being...One fateful day on the way home Violette happened to see a cute cat sitting on the other side of a fence of a very vintage old house. Seeing no one there, without a second though, she took her chance, jumped over and fiddled with the cat for a while, but then got caught by the watcher of the house, Rook. Harmless was the girl, Rook thought, so he picked a conversation with her...3 weeks later, as Rook and Violette were on the way to Violette house, Rook began to see some suspicious men. They seemed to be following Violette, so hide Violette keys Rook did, he then try to lead Violette back to the mansion...According to Marco, the head of the house, said: there had been lots of weird things going on, and Violette, the daughter of the Federal Ministry of Defence might be involved. Violette was forced into the underground bunker, scared and confused. Violette on that fateful day, was unexpectedly saved by the 2 strangers and later on, the three people in the bunker: Rook Hattori, Violette Blumstein and Marco Pontecorvo later on realized that this was not just a petty VIP kidnapping or random terrorist attacks, it was tenfold bigger. It was a massacre, it was chaos, it was an invasion...It was the beginning...of the Great War III.

Great War III happened, will her martial art skills and minimum knowledge of handling firearms help her get through this? Well, let's just see...

I tried so hard on summarizing the background of the characters XD...for the ones who interested that is XD. Hope you like it Sweating a little...          
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When are you ever gonna list some of your humanoid models for DL mate. They are so unique and out of this world :-) 
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where is the download;
 Is there no way for you to make exceptions to download this? pretty please?
i love your work, i literally searched for Katanas and Swords alike (getting a Oculus in 2 days!) for 5 days and havent found anything that comes close to your Kuro and Shikomizue Katana.
i really love your work and i would love to use a model of yours.
but i can't find anything alike your model style out there, which makes me pretty sad.

you should totally start a patreon, i think there is interest in supporting you. i'd be interested if it would mean that i could use your model from time to time in vrchat for my own personal use.
Is there anyway to download this?
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Hey i know where that hair came from, it was from a game rip pack but a dArtist put up but i cant find it anywhere, do you still have the pack and can send it to me by any chance?
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Lost it long ago
xXWillyWonkaXx's avatar
yeah same :( oh well thanks anyway
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the outfit so freakin awesome
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Love the way this model looks, my favorite by far! Sadly no dl allowed though. Keep up the good work anyways ^^
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You're welcome! : )
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Beautiful : D Where did you get that hair? :3
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IKR!!! I was pretty hyped when I finished posing and rendering pictures at the end Neko Emoji-42 (Kawaii Moe Smile) [V3] 
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Just 4 more squad member to go heh?
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..4 more? Who are they lol. That's that XD. All there's left are the antagonists 
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really? I thought u gona update the entire A51 operators
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Nah. They are here to stay. I think they are fine. No need to change (i hope XD)
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Great. so antagonists, then u can begin the commic?
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I absolutely love her! Great Job!
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Thank you! :D (Big Grin) 
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