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[MMD] Kira Hunters: Progress (2016-2018) by AbyssLeo [MMD] Kira Hunters: Progress (2016-2018) :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 11 6 [MMD] Kira Hunters by AbyssLeo [MMD] Kira Hunters :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 31 3 [MMD] Hair for DL (but you won't cuz it's ugly) by AbyssLeo [MMD] Hair for DL (but you won't cuz it's ugly) :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 138 9 [MMD]''Black Gazelle'': Kira Hunters (remake) by AbyssLeo [MMD]''Black Gazelle'': Kira Hunters (remake) :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 20 9 [MMD]''Black Raven'': Arthur ''Bishop'' Porter by AbyssLeo [MMD]''Black Raven'': Arthur ''Bishop'' Porter :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 12 7 [MMD]''Black Raven'': Klara Alexeyevna (1941) by AbyssLeo [MMD]''Black Raven'': Klara Alexeyevna (1941) :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 21 2 [MMD] Shiho Hattori (1942) by AbyssLeo [MMD] Shiho Hattori (1942) :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 25 2 [MMD]''Black Raven'': Shiho Hattori (1942) by AbyssLeo [MMD]''Black Raven'': Shiho Hattori (1942) :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 39 5 [MMD] Hell Walker poster (2nd project) by AbyssLeo [MMD] Hell Walker poster (2nd project) :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 27 9 [MMD] Heckler and Koch G36C for DL by AbyssLeo [MMD] Heckler and Koch G36C for DL :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 85 13 [MMD] 'Rosario II' by AbyssLeo [MMD] 'Rosario II' :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 22 8 [MMD] Snow Whites II by AbyssLeo [MMD] Snow Whites II :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 29 22 [MMD]|Snow Whites|:Violette Blumstein-Talia Velano by AbyssLeo [MMD]|Snow Whites|:Violette Blumstein-Talia Velano :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 15 1 [MMD] Aquitaine (France) by AbyssLeo [MMD] Aquitaine (France) :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 29 9 [MMD]''Black Coyote'': Charlotte von Essen(rework) by AbyssLeo [MMD]''Black Coyote'': Charlotte von Essen(rework) :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 44 5 [MMD] Erika ''Jaeger'' Armbruster by AbyssLeo [MMD] Erika ''Jaeger'' Armbruster :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 35 2


[NFSPayBack] AbyssLeo Project BMW M2 (WIP) by CroqueMr [NFSPayBack] AbyssLeo Project BMW M2 (WIP) :iconcroquemr:CroqueMr 1 0 Archery day by lehoangtuan62 Archery day :iconlehoangtuan62:lehoangtuan62 3 14 JSRS Faction by lehoangtuan62 JSRS Faction :iconlehoangtuan62:lehoangtuan62 43 11
New co-admin and Reviews account
Hi all :)
First of all, I'm glad to say that AbyssLeo has finally accepted to join the co-admins group :D
Second, you'll see a new dedicated account, MMDBS-Reviews , which is going to be used in the future as a side account to write reviews and journals exclusively for this group.
b.t.w. I'm back too. Damn. Holidays have been ended. groan.... hope you all have had nice holidays, anyway :)
:iconmmd-battlestage:MMD-BattleStage 2 1
[] Ibishu Pessima Itasha Custom. STR1X by CroqueMr [] Ibishu Pessima Itasha Custom. STR1X :iconcroquemr:CroqueMr 3 0 5.56 Ammo Supply Pack (HPBD J.E) by lehoangtuan62 5.56 Ammo Supply Pack (HPBD J.E) :iconlehoangtuan62:lehoangtuan62 27 11 Squad up by theHIDDENman66 Squad up :iconthehiddenman66:theHIDDENman66 9 16 [] Hirochi Sunburst Custom ''Hebi'' by CroqueMr [] Hirochi Sunburst Custom ''Hebi'' :iconcroquemr:CroqueMr 3 0
AR V4 Progress, Flip-Up Sights, and CAR-15 Parts
Well, the V4 lower receiver and grip are done. They're not compatible with V3 parts, but their proportions are more correct, so it's a worthwhile change. The internals are a bit difficult to make, and I'm not convinced that they're perfect, but after several iterations, they're definitely better than they were before. The trigger and hammer move, as do the bolt catch and mag catch. They all have little springs on them. The selector restricts their movement based on its position. There's even an auto sear, but it's largely decorative as it would have been too complex to correctly replicate its functionality (same goes for the disconnector, which is fixed) in paper form. Overall, it's a normal M16A1 receiver and grip, and I'm about to make a normal M16A1 stock and magazine for it. I'm starting to think that maybe it would be better to just make an M16A1 upper and handguard for it as well, and release it as a finished package, before moving on and making the parts specific to the Mk12 SPR
:iconhoborginc:Hoborginc 3 8
Theme Feature No.8 - Hands
Hello, lovely people! So glad to have you stop by! Welcome to our weekly Themed feature! This week’s feature comes to you from both devfeatures and AllArtandStuff.
:icondevfeatures: :iconallartandstuff:
For this week I am happy to share with you some beautiful artwork based on the theme “HANDS” starting with some pieces from our awesome members at AllArtandStuff. Another truly fascinating theme to explore since hands hold an amazing expressive potential, second only to the face – they can hold, caress, hit, offer, gesture, play instruments, do magic, create. A hand is usually one of the most challenging objects for artists to draw yet it has an immediate impact on any art piece. And the reason I believe lies in its complexity and versatility. While the face can tell us a lot about the character and mood of the person, the hand can give insight into the story – what is the person doing, how they interact with their world around them, are they acce
:icondanielaivanova:DanielaIvanova 36 74
I'm back, I guess :)
Hey guys, its been a while since I've left DA and I'm sorry for a surprise disappearance. Some of you guys may knew me as AkiraXRena back then and yeah, I did de-active my account due to....moving on with my life. Well, the truth is, I still not although I tried to. My life back then wasn't so bad and cringy as it was. Also I did found myself a girlfriend which end up breakup last year. Huh...I don't know how to explain it but sometimes, people change and we need to accept what had god fated for us. So that was my worse recent event that I wish I could forget and moving on with my life. Now I've start studying animation in University. I think having this new beginning is quite fun since most people don't really know the real me. Without saying much, I just want to tell you guys that I'm back and I won't be active as much as I was due to my assignment and stuff. You know, life is such a bitch when you don't know your gold. Trust me, this time is the right moment for you guys to move on
:icona7tune:a7tune 3 24
Friends Till the End by Grim-Izanagi Friends Till the End :icongrim-izanagi:Grim-Izanagi 40 31 Iveco LMV DL by johneugene Iveco LMV DL :iconjohneugene:johneugene 44 14 CQC ACR setup by lehoangtuan62 CQC ACR setup :iconlehoangtuan62:lehoangtuan62 17 0 PM AK-74 by Hoborginc PM AK-74 :iconhoborginc:Hoborginc 95 120 Mail armor set by lehoangtuan62 Mail armor set :iconlehoangtuan62:lehoangtuan62 4 1


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AbyssLeo's Profile Picture
Suho Hattori
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Future but not-so-future warfare is my favorite warfare. I also love making OCs! It is lovely to see your own imagination come true in 3d :))



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


[MMD] Kira Hunters
Credits: Wiple Games Inc., Illusion, Yami, BubbleStar-Chan, KyoukiIkki, UtauRueCross, AbyssLeo Meow :3

Pocky by ZeldaXLove56

"No nuh, uh! You ain't gonna go down there, Rook! We A51 will not risk losing such an asset. Resist, and I will have to sedate you again."-Kira Hunters


|Kira Hunters and her sister, Aki Hunters were daughters of an ex-special force operator. Life after leaving the military was harsh, and in the end it was too much for their father. His suicidal turn Kira and Aki's life up-side down. Ridiculed, harassed and bullied by friends of having a suicidal dad, the sisters felt that the normal life were not meant for them. They joined the army at 17 and just in 2 years, the sisters were one of the most efficient soldiers in their battalion, where Aki worked as a recon, while Kira worked as a combat medic. The tension between the Western nations and the Eastern nations was rising, technology was at the peak of its time, and Area 51 decided that they need special people for special jobs, of which both sisters were asked to partake. Their task is to join the A51 operators and be ready to be deployed to gather intel or retrieve physical object so-called the "Relic". 1 year later, Japan was attacked by China along with a mysterious one man army, and it was time for Kira team to be deployed in Osaka to evacuate the civilians and retrieve one of the Japanese's treasured Relic. There the A51 encounter the Osaka's notorious Hell Walker, an Italian mobster's son and the former German's Federal Ministry of Defence's daughter.|


P/s: "Pocky. It's good. You should try it. No, not my pocky. Buy your own..."-Kira Hunters

[MMD] Hair for DL (but you won't cuz it's ugly)
Credit: Vroid, AbyssLeo

Take a while to make a very standard but ugly hair style XD. And since I won't use it, i am just gonna put this here for people (if there's any XD) to use it...

It's unrigged tho :) cuz  I am lazy. but if you like it. PLZ credit me for making this...aka don't be an asshole about typing a few words :)
[MMD]''Black Gazelle'': Kira Hunters (remake)
Credits: Wiple Games Inc., Illusion, Yami, BubbleStar-Chan, KyoukiIkki, UtauRueCross, AbyssLeo Meow :3

Kira: This won't come cheap you know! This is military grade surgical knife, gauze, bleed control patch, not to mention tactical tourniquet, bandages, alcohol, alcohol wipes, iodine wipes, pain killers, tapes, tweezers, safety pins, sponges, antibiotic, and also...

Rook: Ok I get it, I get it...Look I don't have that much money, but I'll see what can much for all that?

Kira: 2.

Rook: 2 hundreds dollars? 20,000 yens?

Kira: Pocky.

Rook: Sorry?

Kira: 2 packs. 2 packs of Pocky. Preferably chocolate. Strawberry is fine but both cannot be strawberries. Get me two pockies and these will be yours!


Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot Pocky Emot 

P/s: I am back with the old Pocky-loving-girl, now with a new look
P/ss: *fly aaaaaway*
P/sss: Will be back with this Pocky girl soon:pocky: 

[MMD] Heckler and Koch G36C for DL
Model from CW
converted to .pmx, edited and rigged by AbyssLeo

"The Heckler and Koch G36C (C for Compact) was developed and produced in January 2001. This sub-carbine model is a further development of the G36K (K for Kurz or short) . It has a shorter barrel than the G36K, and a four-prong open-type flash hider or a birdcage type flash hider."

The G36C is fully rigged, TDA hand fit and that's that. Have fun and plz credit me for converting and rigging.

Updated: lehoangtuan62 had rigged the G36C so its stock is fold-able now. Thanks m8


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