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I got tagged by this butt right here ---> :iconcriexthedragon: 

1. Name?
- Niki (real name is Nicole)

2. Name backwards?
- Ikin (Elocin) ew. Both of those sound gross

3. Does your name mean anything?
-Well, Nicole is french. Other than that im ignorant of my name.

4. Nick Names?
- Niki /Cheshire 

5. Screen name(s)?
- Pretty much any website im on i use Lugianiki123, although i've been slowly changing it since i think its a bit kiddish. Lately ive been fond of Shadowphantom119.
-My tumblr was Abyssialcheshire, but i changed it to abyssinalphantom

6. Date of Birth?
- August 6, 1995

7. Place of Birth?
- An an ambulance in Littleton, Co

8. Astrological Sign?
- Leo~

9. Religion?
- Atheist. Even though I technically dont believe in a god, i dont not believe in one either. I could believe in anything, but i just prefer some truth/evidence  first hand. So i will and will not deny God at the same time. Idk its confusing. 

10. Height?
- 5' 9"

11. Weight?
- Meh. Last time I weighed myself i think i was about 235lbs? But i dont look it/feel like it. Its all in the boobs i swear XD.

12. Shoe Size?
- Sasquatch (lol its from 12-12.5) 

13. Hair color?
- Naturally its blonde, but right now its red with purple tips :D

14. Eye color?
- Blue

15. What I look like?
- Tall, wears glasses (i hate them, but i hate contacts more), tomboyish, long hair

16. Boyfriend / Girlfriend?
- 19 and still rockin the single train. :iconforeveraloneplz: 

17. Any IRL friends?
- :iconcriexthedragon: :iconavianvnaiva: :iconheartofachampion13: and more, but they're never on so im not gonna link them.

18. Siblings?
- Half sister and half brother from my dad's side. But i consider myself an only child because they lived with their mother

19. Pets?
-These precious babies Scout by AbyssinalPhantom Luna in a bag :3 by AbyssinalPhantom
-the fat one is Scout, the gorgeous bombay is Luna
-then there's this smelly one Dizzy by AbyssinalPhantom
-His name is Dizzy (we didnt name him, he came with it and it kind of just stuck)

What? No question 20? Who made this?

I tag whoever. Criex already beat me to tagging :iconavianvnaiva: and i dont have many da friends q.q
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December 17, 2014


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