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Taken from :iconealaain:

1. Choose 5 of your OC's

2. Make your OC's answer these questions
3. Tag 3 other people

1.   Sexual Koga :3 by AbyssinalPhantom Koga

Mature Content

Rin OC by AbyssinalPhantom
3.  Xavior by AbyssinalPhantom Xavior
4.  Moonfeather (Dont have a picture lol But she looks like this warriors-wildstar-fireclan.web… )
5.  Man of Blue Diamond by AbyssinalPhantom  Chibi Torrent by AbyssinalPhantom Torrent

1. Do you want a hug?

Koga: *flicks tail* Sure...

Rin: Alright, I suppose I'll give you one

Xavior: Sure thing babe~

Moonfeather: Of course! :heart:

Torrent: One hug wont hurt, :3

2. What do you like doing in your spare time?

Koga: Things...

Rin: That's none of your business 

Xavior: Lookin for ladies. Awwwww yeah

Moonfeather: Hunting for my clan 

Torrent: Practice my fighting moves. There's always room for improvement.

3. Are you a virgin?

Koga: *Doesnt make eye contact* Nope

Rin: Im not one *snickers*

Xavior: Yup, the ladies love a virgin *secret inner tear*

Moonfeather: Yes I am one.

Torrent: I am also one.

4. Do you have any kids?

Koga: I better not!

Rin: Hell no!

Xavior: *forever alone*

Moonfeather: *looks at all the kits in the nursery* Im not suited to be a queen. I'll stay a warrior thank you.

Torrent: Id one day like to have some :3

5. Favorite food or drink?

Koga: Love me some whiskey.

Rin: Gimme one of dem fruity alcoholic drinks :p

Xavior: I like fruits.

Moonfeather: I love shrews. As for a drink, rainwater is the best in the forest!

Torrent: Anything is fine by me. Although i do love chicken

6. Have you killed anyone?

Koga: Yes

Rin: Indeed

Xavior: No, but if there's a fair maiden in need of savin, i'll kill someone for her.

Moonfeather: No

Torrent: *stern looks* yes..

7. Do you hate anyone?

Koga: ....

Rin: Yes, Reven

Xavior: All those males who get MY ladies!

Moonfeather: I dont hate anyone!

Torrent: I wouldnt say hate, just a strong disliking

8. Love anyone?

Koga:  ~He-Devil~ by AvianVnaivA<------ My mate.

Rin: Not anymore *is annoyed now*


Moonfeather: *blushes* Yes

Torrent: uh No

9. What is your job?



Moonfeather: Im a warrior to my clan! I hunt and defend it with my life.

Torrent: Im in the military. Airforce division

10. Favorite season?

Koga: *shrugs* does it matter?

Rin: I love the fall. Love the crisp air and smell of autumn

Xavior: Winter. Who wants to cuddle next to a warm fire? Any takers~

Moonfeather: New-leaf. Prey is plentiful and its not overly hot.

Torrent: I like spring. The flowers that bloom are always beautiful

11. Who's your best friend?

Koga: *yawns* Your questions bore me.

Rin: Kan, Yuru, Hazel, I suppose my demons can count as friends...

Xavior: *forever alone once again*

Moonfeather: Snowfire is like my sister. We do everything together.

Torrent: Its a secret :P

12. Hobbies?

Koga: Does eating count?

Rin: Being myself. Deal with it

Xavior: Findin babes

Moonfeather: hunting 

Torrent: Training

14. What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Koga: Sleep

Rin: Might go kill something..

Xavior: Do I have to say it?

Moonfeather: I'll go find Snowfire and go out on patrol.

Torrent: More training

15. What is your eye color?

Koga: solid black. But Criex likes to draw me with yellow eyes. She makes me look good *wink*

Rin: Deep Blue

Xavior: Yellow

Moonfeather: A bright icey blue

Torrent: Blue as well

16. Are you good? Or bad?

Koga: I refuse to answer this.

Rin: I have my days...

Xavior: Good i suppose.

Moonfeather: Good

Torrent: I'd like to think myself as good, but then again, doesnt everyone usually think that of themselves?

17. What is your greatest fear?

Koga: Losing my sister

Rin: Not telling you *flips off*

Xavior: Not gettin a lady... T-T

Moonfeather: Badgers.... They're mean D:

Torrent: Death

18. Does your name have a special meaning?

Koga: My name means Poison... Which is what type of dragon I am

Rin: Well technically my name means "Cold" in Japanese, but other than that nope.

Xavior: Not that I know of. Although apparently there's a person named Charles Xavier. Guess he's famous or something..

Moonfeather: Moon+feather

Torrent: Well by definition my name means a violent stream of a liquid (as water or lava), but I like to think it means strength

19. What do you think of your parents?

Koga: Dont care

Rin: They're dead

Xavior: *blank stare*

Moonfeather: I love em!

Torrent: meh my species leave early. Dont remember them

20. Any siblings?

Koga: Yes, I have a sister. Her name is Sine

Rin: No

Xavior: nope

Moonfeather: sadly no

Torrent: I dont think so

21. It was fun to answer all these questions?

Koga: It was boring

Rin: no

Xavior: there better be women at the end of this

Moonfeather: *nods* Yes!

Torrent: It wasnt bad 

22. How do you feel about your creator?

Koga: *gets up and leaves*

Rin: smeh, she's alright. She needs to freakin draw me more!


Moonfeather: *purrs*

Torrent: *gives nod of approval*

23. Any last words?

Koga: *has already left*

Rin: Peace motha fuckas! *calls forth her demon and teleports away using the shadows*

Xavior: Ladies im single~

Moonfeather: Yes well, *notices a patrol heading out* Oh i gotta go! Bye it was fun!

Torrent: *sits there awkwardly* 

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HeartofaChampion13 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
Moonfeather is just too cute! :D WHODOESSHELIKE,OHMYGODS!?!
CriexTheDragon Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Double comment for the win! The whole time I was reading Xavior's constant lady obsession, I was thinking of this. :iconhurrplz: [link]
AbyssinalPhantom Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol yes, Xavior just wants a mate. He wants Amoura but she's scared of him lmao
CriexTheDragon Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Yes, Koga! Yellow and black is an awesome combination!!! *mega highfive* :iconepichighfiveplz:

"There's a person named Charles Xavier. Guess he's famous or something" :iconcharlesxavierplz:
Criex: :iconlolguyplz:
AbyssinalPhantom Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Koga: *mega highfives back* :epichighfiveplz:
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