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Ink Walls pt.8 [Tokoyami x reader]

A groan of pain left your throat as you hit the ground again, rolling in the dust for a few feet.
«What the fuck are you doing?!» Bakugo spat, pounding his closed fist on his palm, a small explosion erupting from the gesture.
You grimaced and struggled to get back on your feet, harshly rubbing a rivulet of blood away from your chin.
«You are totally unfocused! It’s like pummelling a sack of potatoes!» he roared, pointing an accusing finger at you.
«Shut up!»
You lunged forward, but it was easy for him to avoid your gaze and grasp your arm, pulling you away once again.
You barely managed to maintain your balance, so when his punch came from behind, you didn’t even realize.
The explosion sent you flying.
«For fuck’s sake. I’m done.» Bakugo grunted «You haven’t been so bad since the first day we trained.»
You closed your eyes, trying to suppress the frustration.
«You h
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Mudblood pt.10 - One Piece x reader

You groaned as Usopp patiently showed you again how to bury a Mandrake to muffle its indecent cry.
«Sorry I’m that bad at this.»
«You’re surely better than last year, when you almost killed the entire class with Medusa’s tentacles.»
You glared at him, face stained with soil.
«Thank you for reminding me and being such and encouraging tutor.»
The Gryffindor students chuckled.
You shrugged and focused on cautiously trim the protruding leaves without hurting the plant.
«Well, you’re stuck here with me anyway. So thank you for that, I guess.»
«Don’t mention it. I don’t always get to mock Slytherin students and getting extra credits for it.»
 The Mandrake somehow managed to pop its head out of the soil and started screaming again.
You instinctively hit it, knocking it out.
«Oh, maaan.» Usopp sighed «You do r
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Mudblood pt.9 - One Piece x reader

«I’ll see you at dinner.» Reiju said, touching your arm, before turning and heading to Ravenclaw’s chambers.
You waved at her and took the stairs to the dungeons.
 The castle was swarming with students, cheering, talking to each other and hurrying to their elective classes, all in their long black vests.
«Oho, look whom we have here!»
You raised an eyebrow and looked up.
 Bellamy was descending the stairs, hands in his pockets and tongue hanging between his teeth, as typical.
«Ugh, Hyena, I don’t feel like dealing with you now.»
The Hufflepuff student flashed you his sly smirk, leaning against the railing.
«Wait, wait, little trouble maker.»
You groaned, stopping.
«What do you want?»
«Are you being the deceiver everyone says?»
You frowned, shooting him a death glare.
«I beg your pardon?»
«Yeah, like y
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Eustass Kid x reader - Captive [EPILOGUE]

A/n: the actual last chapter was posted a few hours before this one, so make sure you read that before going through this.
«There’s no point in watching this. You’re not the kind of man interested in these weapons more than I am, right, Killer?»
Killer stood from the couch to follow his captain through the corridors of their hideout.
«So Strawhat is finally back… and Trafalgar, that creep. I thought he lost it and sold himself to the Government, but he was planning something from the beginning.»
«I don’t wanna fall behind. We better hurry up with our plan too.»
Kid grabbed the doorknob of their meeting room.
«Kid, please.» Killer warned «Let’s try to keep things civil, shall we?»
That was a request he would have expressed in any case, but, in
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 35 25
Eustass Kid x reader - Captive pt.36 [FINAL]

Day 28

«Just one thing.»
Your fingers were hard frozen around the strap of your rifle. Your pale face was lowered, messy locks hiding your eyes. Mouth completely dry, words wouldn’t come out.
 Aokiji sighed, sending a side glance at you over his shoulder.
His big hand lingered on the jamb.
«If things go wrong, in Punk Hazard… will you be fine, [Y/n]?»
Your lips parted, in an attempt to let more air in for your increased breath rate.
That was the moment – he was finally asking for confirmation of you being independent from him.
You knew you should have said yes, you knew and you tried with every fucking fibre of your tense body.
It wasn’t enough.
No sound came from you.
 Aokiji waited a few more seconds before turning.
«Later, [Y/n].»
It was only when he closed the do
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All those years [Buggy x reader]

A rainy day in Rogue town, more than 20 years ago
The racket of the crowd was covered by the pouring rain, soaking your cape.
You didn’t mind the rain.
It hid your tears.
 Swarms of marines were marching through the plaza, keeping the people back and arresting the pirates they could spot.
They knew some of you came to see the last minute of your captain.
Someone tugged at your sleeve, making you turn.
Shanks quickly rubbed his eyes with his fist. Then, a resolute gaze met yours.
«We have to go!»
You blinked once, feeling the gathered tears finally rolling down your pale cheeks.
You shook your head and nodded.
 Shanks turned and started to swiftly make his way through the crowd.
You followed him, but a hand grabbed your wrist almost immediately.
«Y/n, wait.»
You looked
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Mudblood pt.8 - One Piece x reader

«PROFESSOR DONQUIXOTE!» you shouted, stepping in the Great Hall.
Most of the students were having lunch at their tables, but the room grew quieter when you marched in savagely.
Among the teachers, Doflamingo tilted his head, the sly smirk crawling on his face.
«The little troublemaker has some trouble to report?»
«I FREAKING DO!» you barked, standing in front of the professors’ table.
Principal Edward was not there, but most of the other teachers moved their focus to you.
Rocinante and Marco leaned closer, while Shanks looked at you without stopping chewing at his meat.
Jinbe, Mihawk and Lucci also turned to you.
For a moment, you felt intimidated and swallowed, then you cleared your voice.
«Someone enrolled me in the Duelling Club, even if I had no intention of being there this year.»
«Oh, really?» Doflamingo’s tone sounded totally uninterested now.
«Really! Can I know who made the l
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 19 2
Mature content
Eustass Kid x reader - Captive pt.35 :iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 38 18
Whining gifts [Bakugo x reader]

Ground Zero kicked the door open, moving carefully not to bump anywhere the box he was carrying, despite the initial brusqueness.
Feeble whining came from it as he crossed the dark hall, following the golden pools of light that the Christmas Tree projected from the living room.
«Fine, fine.» he grumbled between his teeth «You are in the warmth now, let me just google what the hell you guys need to survive.»
Entering the largest room, mildly lit by the Christmas lights that you insisted in arranging, Bakugo Katsuki froze for a second.
 He was expecting to be completely alone in the house.
After all, he was the one who dug his heels in working on Christmas Eve instead of spending it with you, starting that stupid fight.
And yet, there you were, asleep on the armchair like a goddamn cat, still wearing your hero outfit.
 A higher-pitched whimper erupted from the box and he cursed, lightly shaking it.
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 32 4
One Piece x reader - Christmas special pt.6

«Aww, is it hard to be that small?»
«Shut up, Ace!» you scoffed, standing on your tiptoes to place the star on top of the Christmas tree.
Michael Bublé’s songs were flowing in the apartment as you finished to organize the party.
Out of the three D. brothers, Ace was the one doing absolutely nothing to help. His role, apparently, was judging others’ work while sipping at his prosecco. Which could still be considered better than Luffy, who was basically destroying all the decorations Nami was trying to arrange and eating the food Sanji was placing on the tables.
«Shishishishi, I’m sorry!»
«Yeah, you’re sorry, but you’re still stealing the food!»
«I wanna open my preseeents!»
Nami slapped his hand away from the packages.
«Enough! Sit there and don’t disturb if you don’t want me to kick you out!
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One Piece x reader - Christmas special pt.5

just to let you know, I kinda imagine your shared flat like Monica’s apartment from FRIENDS, “just” with 5 bedrooms, lol.
«Y/n-ya, it’s late!»
An annoyed groan accompanied your slow squint.
Law was wearing pyjama pants and a T-shirt with the Joker you bought for him years ago, as he went through the room collecting stuff to bring to his apartment.
«But I’m sleeeeepy.»
«Oh, come on!»
He bent on you, swiftly pulling away the pillow from under your head, so you bounced against the mattress.
«Ouch! Mean.»
«Doflamingo is waiting for you downstairs. Don’t piss him off on Christmas day!» Law replied, throwing back the pillow in your face.
You caught it mid-air.
Your bare feet hit the cold ground as you slid in your nightgown.
«Hey cousin.»
Law was not paying attention to you, busy scanning the shelves.
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Mature content
Eustass Kid x reader - Captive pt.34 :iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 40 10
Mature content
Eustass Kid x reader - Captive pt.33 :iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 42 23
Eustass Kid x reader - Captive pt.32

Day 23 – part two

«…at that point, I knew my next blow had to be the last, or I’d go down.»
You quickly raised your eyes on him and suppressed a smile.
 While Kid was telling his battle stories, he really looked like an amazed child.
His amber gaze was lost in the memories, and a far smirk lingered on his lips (currently painted with his new lipstick, you didn’t fail to notice).
 You lowered your focus on his hand on your lap and proceeded to apply the black polish on the rest of his nails.
 After finishing your turn on the lookout, you had bumped into the captain, who took a look at your cleavage and decided you had other plans for the afternoon.
Since you left him high and dry the night before, he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
Somehow, even when he aggressively buried his face in your chest, you managed to save the dress.
«So I stood up again and just summoned all t
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 38 12
Eustass Kid x reader - Captive pt.31

Day 23 – part one
«Isn’t it ironic?»
You raised your eyes on the white shadow beside you.
You knew who he was, of course, but once again his wide figure was blurred, features impossible to distinguish.
«What would be ironic?»
Your voice was low, almost tired.
«You have a gift, [Y/n]. Even before we started training your Observation haki, I knew it was your thing. Plus, you are one of the best snipers I’ve ever met. Looks like all your skills revolve around sight.»
«Yet you can be incredibly blind.»
A veil of sadness clouded in your chest.
 His long fingers reached your chin, hardly touching it, guiding your face so your gazes could meet. Still, you couldn’t see him.
«And if I leave you without a goodbye, will you stay broken forever?»
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 41 11
Pumpkin pie pt.7 - Drake x reader x Kid

«WE WILL NOT ACCEPT DEFEAT!~» you sang-shouted along with the music, shaking Perona with one hand and the bottle of bear with the other.
 The pinkette had bossed around some guy so he would make sure you always had drinks in your hands, and your restless soul couldn’t ask for more than rock and booze.
 Somewhere along the playlist Nami had joined you, and now the three of you were drunk-dancing in the middle of the small crowd, for the joy of the gentlemen around.
 The song ended with you almost losing your balance and the two girls both trying to keep you on your feet, which resulted in a new eruption of bubbly giggles.
 The amplified voice of the singer echoed in the room.
«The next piece is for the Pumpkin girl who seems to know all the songs by heart, and her hot trio.»
Your eyes widened and flicked to the stage as your heart had a flutter.
The redhead was looking right at you with a devilish smile sp
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 18 4


Scrapes and salvation - Corazon x Reader
Growing cobwebs and inches of dust piling, you tried to clear away the mess as best as you could. Keeping the dilapidated building as clean as possible was hard work but a necessary evil. Although Doflamingo could care none for anyone returning injured, it didn’t stop your desire to care for all in any condition.
Light knocking upon the open door, you turned towards the most recent accident entering your office.
“Yes? Oh, Corazon,” you shook your head to your most frequent patient making his appearance for the umpteenth time. “What did you get yourself into now?” You playfully asked the blond-haired man knowing the answer before he could respond in his own way.
Turning away momentarily, he scribbled on the nearest piece of paper holding up his one worded answer. ‘Nothing.’
“Nothing?” Your brow raised to his obviously false declaration.
Taking a seat, you caught a better look of the ‘nothing’ that he was speaking a
:iconcorazonstealer:CorazonStealer 13 0
OP - annoying by LotusMartus OP - annoying :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 104 10 Desperate by ElyonBlackStar Desperate :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 41 3 OP: Relax. by eagle-eyes OP: Relax. :iconeagle-eyes:eagle-eyes 106 20 Phantom Limb Syndrome by ElyonBlackStar Phantom Limb Syndrome :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 173 36 Trust by ElyonBlackStar Trust :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 150 42 Here by ElyonBlackStar Here :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 132 28 S - Sparkle by ElyonBlackStar S - Sparkle :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 66 19 Tame by ElyonBlackStar Tame :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 171 36 I always get what I want by PirateHeartbeat I always get what I want :iconpirateheartbeat:PirateHeartbeat 222 22 Birthday Gifts - Happy B-Day Law by PirateHeartbeat
Mature content
Birthday Gifts - Happy B-Day Law :iconpirateheartbeat:PirateHeartbeat 97 37
Buggy the clown prisoner in Impel Down - ONE PIECE by Cristina-Rodriguez Buggy the clown prisoner in Impel Down - ONE PIECE :iconcristina-rodriguez:Cristina-Rodriguez 54 7
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
  The tray you had been clutching in your hands began to softly quiver as you studied the room around you, desperately scanning for just one available seat. Howls of merriment fused with eager chattering stirred the atmosphere. It made you feel a little self-conscious in a silly type of way. Everyone was crammed against one another like sardines as they sat and devoured their lunch at wooden tables with stiffly placed benches attached to them. The tables were obviously distributed by cliques leaving you with a disadvantage. None of your peers even gave you a second glance. You gradually made your way towards the center of the room as if you had somewhere to go. In reality, you didn't. You just wished no one noticed that. Getting discouraged the farther you went away from the checkout line, you found yourself at the back of the lunchroom. A pang of anxiety began to strike at y
:iconnajjuk:najjuk 18 9
last christmas | aizawa shota
[secret santa] for AbyssCronica
merry christmas! hope you like it! it was my first time writing an aizawa fic, i hope he's not too ooc
Shota woke up in the middle of the night. Again, he thought. Waking up late at night wasn’t unusual for him. It started so many years ago that he didn’t even remember when.  Each time he woke up, it was always between two or three in the morning. It wasn’t insomnia as he first believed since he could quickly go back to sleep after. Slowly, with the time he got used to it and now, it was part of his routine.
It started soon after she left him. At first, he didn’t want to admit that it was because of her absence. It seemed too superstitious, illogical and explained nothing except the fact that he didn’t want to admit that he was insomniac. When he opened his eyes, he immediately wished to go back to sleep. Emptiness took too much space on the bed that used to
:iconcaptain-ciella:captain-ciella 21 9
Zoro x Reader : Art  by lyndsy24 Zoro x Reader : Art :iconlyndsy24:lyndsy24 1 0 Eustass Kid by Billie-phoebe Eustass Kid :iconbillie-phoebe:Billie-phoebe 9 2



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Okay, this was so freaking difficult. I spent a lot of time staring at the scores, trying to decide. But I don’t want to keep you guys hanging anymore, so here are the results.


3rd place [ 37 pt ] – Professional Thieves by AlberonaRJ (WA)

Congrats! You win a drabble or headcanon request!


2nd place [ 37,5 pt ] – Stormy Weather by Vizkopa (DA, WA)

Congrats! You win a OS request!


1st place [ 38 pt ] – SHARED

    ·      Closure by lyndsy24  (DA, WA)

    ·      Business and Pleasure by kurenemuu (DA, WA)

You guys ended up having the exact same score and I couldn’t change anything, no matter how hard I thought about it. So you both win a no-limit OS request.


Special mention: Safe in the Dark by Mel_Lunar (WA). You actually had a pretty high score, but then I realized you used a lot of OSs for your story. They don’t have a major role, but people approached me during the contest to ask if they could use some minor OS and I said no, so I cannot overlook it. I’m sorry because I got to read the story after the deadline and I couldn’t warn you in time. L  But it was a really good story, congrats!


For everybody else: I enjoyed all your stories and I thank you again for your entries! :D



The winners can request here or pm me.

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class 1A by AbyssCronica

A groan of pain left your throat as you hit the ground again, rolling in the dust for a few feet.

«What the fuck are you doing?!» Bakugo spat, pounding his closed fist on his palm, a small explosion erupting from the gesture.

You grimaced and struggled to get back on your feet, harshly rubbing a rivulet of blood away from your chin.

«You are totally unfocused! It’s like pummelling a sack of potatoes!» he roared, pointing an accusing finger at you.

«Shut up!»

You lunged forward, but it was easy for him to avoid your gaze and grasp your arm, pulling you away once again.

You barely managed to maintain your balance, so when his punch came from behind, you didn’t even realize.

The explosion sent you flying.

«For fuck’s sake. I’m done.» Bakugo grunted «You haven’t been so bad since the first day we trained.»

You closed your eyes, trying to suppress the frustration.

«You haven’t been so angry since the day I beat your ass!»

He scoffed in contempt, while you stood, wiping the dust away from your tracksuit.

«What a pathetic comeback. You were able to win thanks to the surprise factor, and it never happened again.»

You took a deep breath.

«Fine. I sucked. We all have bad days.»

«Heroes can’t afford bad days.» he hissed, his red eyes sharpening.

Your lips pressed against each other.

 He was right and you knew it. But you had to find something similar to an excuse, a justification, or you were going to burst.

«I’ll see you in class, Bakugo.» you muttered, turning your back to him and heading to the exit of the field.

 The blond grimaced lightly.

«Oi. What the hell is wrong with you?»

«It’s nothing. I don’t know.»

«Don’t tell me it has something to do with the ball shit.»

«It doesn’t!» you blurted, hands suddenly clenched into fists.

Bakugo snorted and followed you outside.


«Oh, really?» you sighed, eyeing his frown «What are you supposed to do, that night? All figured out already, mr. number one?»

«I’ll apply for patrolling, obviously.» he replied «I don’t give a shit about it, anyway. Might as well get some experience.»

You pouted, hand rising to graze a bruise on your left arm.

«Yeah, makes sense, I guess.»

«Then why don’t you just do the same and put your freaking head into training?» he snapped, sending a burning glare to you.

«Because I…» you bit your lip «I’m going as a guest already. And, by the way, the two things are totally unrelated!»

 The two of you reached the changing room.

The evening had already started to fall upon the campus, and that battlefield was completely empty.

«Oh? So birdboy actually asked you out?» Bakugo commented, apparently uninterested.

 For some reason, your heart skipped a beat at the mention of Tokoyami.

«N-No…! Why would he?» you swallowed «It was Shinso.»

Bakugo grabbed the doorknob of the male changing room, throwing a bored look at you.

«Who the hell is Shinso?»

«Shinso Hitoshi! From class B.»

Nothing moved in his expression.

You rolled your eyes.

«Purple eyes, brainwashing quirk?»

«Oh. That dude.» he shrugged, opening the door «Well, congrats. See ya.» and with that, he disappeared in the room.



The dinner in the dorm was filled with excited squeals from the girls and nervous talking among the boys.

 Midoriya e Uraraka, despite being seat pretty close, spent the whole time trying to avoid each other’s eyes. Kaminari and Mineta were freaking out over the girls they could or could not invite, while Ashido and Hagakure were already fawning over men and dresses.

 You glanced at Tokoyami, who was eating in front of you.

He was quiet as always, eyes almost closed as he finished his food.

 Usually, even if he never talked much, you were always comfortable in his silence, like he somehow knew how to make you feel acknowledged anyway.

Not that night.

It was almost like you were two strangers, sharing a dinner at the same table.

«I could invite Kenranzaki!» Kaminari chimed from his place.

Jiro, beside you, tensed up for a second.

«As if you had any chance!» Mineta laughed «Everybody will be asking her out. She’ll never notice you.»

«What about Hado?»

«C’mon, man, be realistic!» Kirishima replied, spitting crumbles of bread around.

«Who are you going to ask, Kirishima?» Hagakure stepped in.

«Nah, I’ll probably ask to patrol or something.»

«Same.» Shoji nodded.

The girl sighed.

«You guys are no fun.»

Mina shook her head and flashed a smile to Izuku.

«And you, Mid–»

«W-What about you, Tokoyami?» Ochaco interrupted, cheeks flushed.

Tokoyami was taken aback by his sudden involvement, halting his spoon mid-air.

You peered at him from below your eyelashes, heart suddenly pounding in your chest.

 Why the hell I fell so flustered now?

«I’m afraid my fate hasn’t revealed itself yet.» he slowly said.

«Which, in Tokoyami’s dialect, means he still hasn’t decided.» Sero snickered.

The bird boy rolled his red eyes before going back to his soup.

«Oi, Bakugo!» Kirishima called «What about you? Man, I’m sure there will be girls asking you out.»

Izuku let out a nervous chuckle.

«I also expect that.»

Bakugo scoffed.

«Who cares! I will be patrolling.»

«Yeah, I expected it too.»




You didn’t talk much during the dinner. You were afraid to be involved in the conversation, and then you’d had to tell about Shinso.

Luckily, the few people knowing so far weren’t the types to go around and spread the news.

 You tried to sneak in your room soon after to avoid the girls meeting, but Ashido was probably suspecting it, because she grabbed your arm before you could take the stairs.

Your complains about being tired and beaten by Bakugo were useless.

 Most of your muscles were hurting when you plopped on the couch next to Jiro, who looked as enthusiastic as you were.

«SO!» Mina thrilled, jumping up «We’re here to build our diabolic plans! Who do you want to go to the ball with?»

«What if we just wanted to patrol, or host?» Kyoka grumbled.

«That’s exactly the kind of attitude we want to avoid!» Hagakure stated.

You exchanged a supportive glance with Jiro.

«But, girls, hold on a second.» Momo said «How can we know we will be invited? We should wait and see…»

«Says the one who will 100% be invited.» Mina sighed «Yaomomo, we’re not in the last century anymore, we can go and invite if there is a guy we like!»

Asui, who had been silent till that moment, turned to her.

«You really think so, Mina-chan?»

The pinkette clapped her hands.

«Absolutely! Is there someone you would like to ask, Tsuyu-chan?»

«I’m not sure, but I’ll think about it, kero. Patrolling or hosting doesn’t sound bad either.»

«What about you, Ochaco?»


«C’mooon. We all know you have a crush on someone, you just don’t want to say!»

«N-N-No! That’s not true! I…!»

You watched her blushing, then freaking out, then starting floating around the girls common area.

While most of the others were busy teasing her, you looked at Kyoka.

«Have you thought about it already?» you whispered.

«Hm, not really.» she mumbled, fiddling with the pillow «Maybe hosting…»

You puckered your lips.

 You wanted to ask her about Kaminari, but not when the entire crew was there.

«Yaomomo, you should go with Todoroki!» Ashido yelled all of a sudden, pointing at her.

Momo’s eyes widened.

«What? Todoroki?»

«Oh my god, think about it! The two students from recommendation, the two most popular and elegant trainees together!»

«The media would love that for sure, kero

«Oh, I… I suppose… hum.»

Momo brought her hands at her reddened cheeks.

«Ehehe, you’re fun!»

«And you, Y/n?» Ochaco asked with an innocent smile.

You started in your seat.

«Well, I guess I’ll go… as a guest.»

«Really?» Mina uttered, delighted «I thought you were gonna apply for patrolling!»

«Yeah, that was the plan.» you bit your inner cheek «But then, hum, I kinda got invited so…»


The choral yell made you jump.


«But we just got to know about the ball this morning! You already have an invitation?!»

«It happened at lunch…»

You felt Jiro’s eyes on you and you turned to meet them.

 I was going to tell you, I just had no chance.

She frowned lightly, but seemed to get your mental message and shrugged it off.

«Who is it? Who is it?» Hgakure was insisting «Is it Tokoyami?»

«Oh, yessa! Is it Tokoyami?» Mina piled it on.

«What? No!» you blurted, feeling your face heating up «It was Shinso.»

 The silence fell in the room.

«Shinso Hitoshi?» Uraraka murmured.


«Like… he came and asked you?» Mina continued «Just like this?»

«Well, yes. We’re friends, after all.»

«It’s just hard to imagine.» Momo smiled «He always looks so serious and collected.»

«I know he can seem a bit dry,» you admitted «but he’s actually a very nice guy.»

«So he confessed.»

«WHA– NO!» you gasped «No, nothing like that! We’re just going together because it’ll be good for us previous students from General Studies. Good publicity for the media, you know.»

«Aaah, so that’s why he moved so fast.» Mina said, disappointed «That sounds a lot more like Shinso.»

You frowned.

 As if you knew Shinso at all!

«I don’t buy it.»

Jiro’s murmur was barely a whisper, meant for just you to hear.

You glanced at her, a bit confused.

«Anyhow,» Momo said, standing «it’s getting late. We should all go and take some rest.»

«Fiiiine.» Hagakure agreed «But this is not over! Especially you two, Momo and Ochaco!»

«Yeah, yeah.»

 As you all moved towards the stairs, you walked beside Kyoka.

«We need to have a chat about all this mess.» you said.

She nodded.

«We do. Tomorrow is Friday, so why don’t we chill at my place after school?»

«Sounds like a plan.»


You both turned to see Tsuyu, looking at you with a clouded expression in her big eyes.

Uraraka, beside her, blinked.

«Tsuyu-chan, are you okay?»

«Kero. I just wonder if I can talk to Y/n-chan for a second.»

You quirked an eyebrow.

«Oh? Sure.»

Jiro touched your arm before going up the stairs.

«I’ll see you tomorrow then.»

«Good night.»

Ochaco glanced at you both, but eventually disappeared above as well.

 You leaned on the railing in front of Asui.

«So, tell me, Tsuyu. Is there something that concerns you?» you asked, giving her a reassuring smile.

 You had never seen her with that face before.

«No, not really, kero. There’s just something I want to ask you.»

Her mouth twitched, nervous, and she lowered her eyes.

«You can ask me anything.» you immediately said, confused «What is it? Did I do something that bothered you?»

She shook her head.

«No. Just…» Asui took a deep breath «since you will go to the ball with Shinso, I wanted to know… would that be okay if I asked Tokoyami to go?»


For a moment, the air got stuck in your throat, and your grip on the railing got so tight your knuckles went white.

An unpleasant sense of uneasiness spread in your guts at the thought of Tokoyami going to the ball with her.


You realized the silence was prolonging too much when she raised her worried eyes on you.

«O-Of course it would be okay! Why wouldn’t it?» you spat, forcing a smile on your pale face.

Asui frowned.


«Yes, yes, sure!» you quickly said, patting her arm «Now, excuse me, I’m very tired. But good luck with it!»

You grinned and showed her your thumb before turning and basically running up the stairs.

 Once in your room, you immediately closed the door behind you and slide on the floor, heart racing in your chest.

 What. The actual. Fuck.

63 deviations

Op Hp2 by AbyssCronica

You groaned as Usopp patiently showed you again how to bury a Mandrake to muffle its indecent cry.

«Sorry I’m that bad at this.»

«You’re surely better than last year, when you almost killed the entire class with Medusa’s tentacles.»

You glared at him, face stained with soil.

«Thank you for reminding me and being such and encouraging tutor.»

The Gryffindor students chuckled.


You shrugged and focused on cautiously trim the protruding leaves without hurting the plant.

«Well, you’re stuck here with me anyway. So thank you for that, I guess.»

«Don’t mention it. I don’t always get to mock Slytherin students and getting extra credits for it.»

 The Mandrake somehow managed to pop its head out of the soil and started screaming again.

You instinctively hit it, knocking it out.


«Oh, maaan.» Usopp sighed «You do realize you need an healthy one to pass the class, don’t you?»

«I know, I know. These things are just too annoying.»

«Yeah, they are annoyed by you.»

A second later, Usopp grimaced at his own words and shot a semi-terrified glance at you.

«Please, please, don’t ask Eustass and his band to kill me.»

«What?! Who do you think I am?» you pouted, brusquely adjusting the vases of your suffering plants «First of all, I don’t need to ask Kid to kill you, I’d do it myself if I wanted.»

«That’s… very reassuring?»

«Second of all, why would I want my tutor dead?»

 The cold wind of late September was blowing outside the greenhouse, moving the foliage of the Forbidden Forest, visible at the horizon.

 You didn’t have classes on Thursday afternoon, so you arranged extra lessons of Herbology, which was your weakness.

 Usopp was a Gryffindor student, a year younger than you, but particularly talented on the subject.

His uncle Heracles was known throughout the country for being able to purchase and raise any kind of magical herb from all around the globe, and the young wizard spent most of the summers with him.

Even if he belonged to Monkey D. Luffy’s gang, you didn’t have any problem with him. He was actually pretty cool.

«Hum, it’s getting dark. Better to head back to the castle.» he murmured, grabbing a few tools to put them away.

 You threw him a crooked smirk.

«Afraid of the dark? I thought Gryffindors were supposed to be brave.»

Yeah, the fact that he was pretty cool didn’t mean you wouldn’t tease him a little, if the occasion arose.

«Shut up.» he scoffed, leading the way out of the greenhouse.

 Hit by the cold, you both wrapped your coats around your bodies and hurried down the path.

 The weather was grey and freezing, and there were no other people on the hill.

«How is it in Gryffindor? Excited for the Tournament?»

«Ugh, don’t make me think about it.» Usopp sighed «Pretty much everyone put their name in the Goblet, and now they are fighting all the time for whom will be chosen.»

«Did you put in your name too?»

He bent his mouth.


You frowned.

Looked like he wasn’t particularly fond of his own answer.

«Well, you still have time.»

«What about you?»

«I didn’t either. I just want a peaceful year, possibly winning the Quidditch cup, and–»


 Interrupted by the cheerful yell, you both turned towards the Quidditch pitch.

 The entire Gryffindor team was walking down the hill, covered in mud and brooms on their shoulders, back from their training.

 Luffy was running ahead to greet his friend, still full of energy.

«Why didn’t you come and see us?! We started off great, shishishishi!» he laughed when he reached you «Oh, hi, Y/n!»

«Hi, Monkey.» you lazily greeted him.

«Oooh, look who’s there! The enemy’s seeker.» Ace sneered, walking over with the rest of the team.

He didn’t even bother to adjust his tie, as always.

«I heard Slytherin didn’t have a good opening training, this year.» Bonney teased.

You frowned.

«That’s some big talk, coming from a benchwarmer.»

An angry grimace curled her features, but Vinsmoke Sanji jumped ahead.

«Y/n~! It’s great to see you! You’re bright as always!»

«And you’re an idiot, as always.» Zoro grumbled beside him.

«What did you just say, damn marimo?!»


You pinched the bridge of your nose.

 Oh god, I cannot deal with a whole squad at the same time.

«I feel you.» Sabo smiled, rubbing his nape «Don’t mind them. The adrenalin is still pumping in their veins.»

«Hey, you are their captain, you should keep them under control.»

«I’m afraid it’s not possible.»

«That’s right.» Nami chimed, moving beside you «And, this year, I’ll catch that snitch before you, Y/n.»

You gave her your challenging sneer.

«We’ll see about that, ginger. Also, you should worry about Ravenclaw first.»

«Yeah, that Trafalgar is annoying, dabe.» Bartolomeo grunted, rolling his battered broom on his arm «We’ll just take him down with the bludgers.»

 Gryffindor strategy is taking down the seeker with the bludgers, noted.

That could be annoying though, since you were the seeker, and their Beaters were Roronoa and Vinsmoke, freaking talented.

 You finally stepped into the castle, in the middle of the team, still quarrelling with Ace and Nami.

«Monkey! Portgas!»

Sabo and Ace jumped at the shrill yell that welcomed them in the entrance.

 Professor Jora, the Art teacher, stood in front of the team, planting her fists in he abundant hips.

«What you kids think you’re doing, entering here all covered in dirt? Minus fifteen points to Gryffindor!»

«WHAT?!» Bartolomeo barked, but Sabo grabbed his arm.

«Shh, dude, don’t make it worse.»

«Go get clean before joining the dinner!» the Slytherin professor commanded, pointing at the stairs «Come on, go, go!»

 A few rival students around sneered at the grumbling team moving away, while Gryffindors insulted Jora under their breath.

 You waved at them with a sigh.

Unfortunately for them, the flight of stairs decided to move in the opposite direction while they were on it, among general laughter.

The only Gryffindor who seemed to find it funny as well was Luffy.

«Oi, trouble maker!»

 You turned to see your housemate Sheepshead coming over with heavy strides. He didn’t look pleased.

«What you think you are doing, walking among the enemies?»

Your eyebrows knitted together.

«Among the enemies?»

«You were laughing with Gryffindor’s team, am I wrong?» he inquired, crossing his arms on his chest.

Your eyes sharpened.

«Yes, because I can laugh with whomever I want.»

«Are you causing trouble to your own House too, now?»

You felt the blood flowing warmer in your face.

 You wanted to reply viciously, but Katakuri’s request popped out in your mind and you restrained your tongue.

«What the hell is your problem, Sheepshead? We agreed not to start shit between each other, didn’t we?»

He snorted.

«Yeah, be thankful for that.»

«No, you be thankful for that. Otherwise I would not be so gentle to you, right now.»

He glared at you before turning his back.

«I’m watching you, trouble maker.»

 You observed him disappearing in a corridor.

Seriously, what’s wrong with everybody?



«I heard you hang around with Gryffindor, now.» Perona snickered.

You snorted and dropped your fork on the plate.

 The dinner was chaotic as always, with all the students and the teachers gathered in the Great Hall.


«Sheepshead went around “warning us” about you.» she explained mimicking the quoting marks with her long fingers «At least until Kid threatened to punch him in the face if he didn’t shut up.»


You glanced a few seats away, where Kid sat with his usual group.

 He was laughing about something, but, when his eyes randomly met yours, he quickly moved them away.

You were not sure, but a light flush maybe appeared on his pale cheeks.

«Aww, look at that. The terrifying Eustass is blushing.» Perona whispered beside you.

«Shut it!» you hissed, lightly hitting her shoulder «He’s a good friend and a good teammate. We have each other’s back.»

«Yeah, yeah, sure.» he chuckled «Anyway, you might want to keep it low, at least until the Tournament starts. Don’t hang around with other Houses too much, or at least not with Gryffindor.»

«I’ll hang out with whom I want.» you grumbled.

Raisin’s scoff surprised you.

 He was sitting in front of you, but you didn’t think he would follow your conversation.

«You’re being selfish.» he said.

You raised an eyebrow.

«Excuse me?»

He looked back at you, unfazed by your indignation, and hinted towards the end of the table, where the freshmen sat.

 You followed his gaze, and you saw something you hadn’t noticed before.

 Momonosuke sat alone, eating quietly on his own. The rest of the first-year students had left an empty space as a buffer between him and them, and were all enjoying their meal together.

 You frowned.

«What does this mean?»

«You’re friend with that kid, aren’t you?» Raisin said «Maybe that’s why he’s following your example and his hanging out with students from other Houses.»

«That’s bullshit! Is that why they’re isolating him?»

Raisin shook his head at your stupidity.

«Y/n, you do whatever you want because you know you won’t be outcast by your housemates. You’re prefect, part of the Quidditch team and proved your value on various occasions. But you’re stupid if you think everyone can act like you and have it easy.»

You opened your mouth to retort, but you realized you didn’t actually know what to say.

 He had a point.

You wouldn’t stop talking to Reiju or any other person just because your housemates wanted you to. What people thought didn’t matter to you, and you were ready to face the consequences of your decision. Maybe also because you didn’t really expect Kid, or Katakuri, or the Vinsmokes to target you, or even isolate you.

But that wasn’t true for everyone.

 You pressed your lips together.

«I’ll see what I can do about it.»

 During the rest of the dinner, you couldn’t avoid to repeatedly peek at Momo’s lonely meal.


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