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The Dark Side of the Luna



Speak To Me before the Luna Eclipse.

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For Equestria Dailys Newbie Artist Training Grounds X, Day 13: "Draw a pony with a dark side / Draw a pony that’s bad to the bone"

Ok, sorry, when you say "dark side" and we have a princess called Luna, I HAD to do this. For those who don't recognize it: It's a hommage to the album cover of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon", maybe one of the most iconic album covers.

I drew the outlines with my pens on paper and did the rest digitally (completely by hand by the way, no copy paste or so). Unfortunately GIMP didn't work for whatever reason, so I had to fiddle with to get it done. It didn't exactly work out as I wanted, but it's fine.

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My Little Pony: FiM developed by :iconfyre-flye:

My Little Pony is © Hasbro
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Ha, nice idea there! :D A tribute to one of the most famous cover designs in the history of music.