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My buddy Kired25 did this design for a We Love Fine t-shirt contest, and it really warms this old gamer's heart.  Check it out, then follow his link in the description to vote for it at the We Love Fine site (you'll have to register if you're not already signed up at their site).

Thanks for reading :D and Thanks in advance if you decide to give him a vote.

What's Your Mane Stat? by Kired25

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Hi everypony :iconlunahuzzahplz:

I write this journal in order to thank you first for your kind donations and the help that you gave this month, with this and the help of a loan from a friend, I could pay my bill on time. Also this journal is to announce the winners of the raffle, below there is a video showing how they were chosen.

You can check the receipt of the payment in the following image. I had to hide some private account information, and I added Luna just because she is awesome, though she is there to show that the image is legit.

The list with the donators can be reached with this [LINK] 

Ambar - Factura - Luna by abydos91

Donation Raffle Video:


:bulletgreen: Main Raffle = :iconyanoda: Yanoda

:bulletgreen: Mini Raffle = :iconrechadis: RechaDis

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Howdy everypony :D

As some of you may already know, I have been facing big financial troubles since I lost my job over a year ago. During this time I have done nearly the impossible to stay in the fight; I have sold/pawned almost everything of value from my house, and I have tried my best to pay the bills and other expenses, using what I could earn with my commissions. Unfortunately, this month, I couldn’t gather enough to pay the biggest expense and I doubt that I could do it in less than a week.

This fee corresponds to the quota for march of the credit that I have with a supermarket in my town. When I lost my job, they gave me the opportunity to get the medicines and food that I am / was needing from them as a credit… but because I don’t have a stable income, this debt has been growing piecemeal each month. I have done my best to keep it under control, but this is a titanic task.

Right now this debt corresponds to 710 983.42 colones (my country’s currency), that is the same as 1292.70 US dollars. The fee for this month is 89 000 colones, which is the same as 162 US dollars.

I have 17 US dollars of those 162… but only with a miracle I could get the rest before this coming monday 24th. If I don’t pay them before the 24th, I will get a penalty of 45 dollars, and I can’t really afford that. This is the main reason why I write this journal, and why I propose the following raffle.

This is how it’s gonna work: 

This raffle will be something similar to a lottery, so  for every 5 dollars donated you will get a number, and if your number is selected by a random integer generator, you will get as a prize one 40 dollars commission. If the donation pool meets the 200 dollars mark, I will offer another 40 dollars commission and two 10 dollars commission between those who donated. Please remember to make the donation through the donation widget in Paypal (linked below), and also please specify on it your Name or alias name and that you want to participate in the raffle.

For those who can’t meet the 5 dollars minimum, but can donate above 1.5 dollars; don’t worry. I will make a journal with the names of all the people who donated below the minimum, and I will do a mini raffle offering two 10 dollars commissions as a prize. As before, please specify your name or alias name and that you want to be considered into this mini raffle.

If you don’t want to participate in the raffle, but still want to donate… I thank you deeply in advance for your kind help and generosity. I really appreciate the help that you can give me.

I hate to do this, but it’s my only option to find the rest of the money that I need to pay this fee. Also please take in count that my commissions are open. For now I’m finishing the current ones, but I’m receiving commission requests… once I can clear some spots from that list, I will assign you right away one slot.

Here there are helpful links and my paypal email address.

Paypal e-mail address  ambar.cimarron@gmail.com

<Link to my Paypal donation widget>

<Link to my Commission Information Journal>

PD: Please use the donation widget. If not Paypal will flag my account and retain the money.

[UPDATE: Thank you so much for those who have donated. Current balance of the donation pool is $102.45 USD.] Updated: 04/04/2014.

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Would you be interested if I make a raffle? If so, what kind of prizes would you like to see? *Comment please*

35 votes
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Some people have asked me why I don't make a halloween special vector, so What would you like to see for Nightmare Night?

68 votes
Cute Woona
Evil Nightmare Moon
Princess Luna (Season 2)
Mane 6 Pony (Please comment)
Other Pony (Please comment)
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