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Twilight Sparkle - Sitting down offended

By abydos91
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Hi everypony!!

This is a vector of Twilight, Sitting down offended; which appears in S2E25 "A Canterlot Wedding".

This is a request of somepony in :iconmlp-vectorclub:

If you like it, feel free to comment, or favorite, or submit it to a group, or print it out.

PLEASE ASK for permission before use! Please show me if you use, I would like to see it in action!
If you need the SVG File send a message to my inbox; I would like to help, if you credit me.

The characters and objects related with "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" are property of Hasbro and Laurent Faust

"Twilight Sparkle" (c) Hasbro

More ponies: [link]
SVG File: [link]

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© 2012 - 2021 abydos91
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me:AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW does twilie need a bath she seems grumpy wumpy
twilight: N0 not one
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“I think she does!” 😂
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Can I use this for a stamp?
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If it is a non-profit project, then go ahead :D
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why did i remember rabies bun
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Hello, I was hoping to use this pic for a cute pic and make a nice good story along with the picture with it. if you like more details I will explain further
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I would love to crop this image and make an avatar out of it for another site (  May I?
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That pose, it's adorable. Could I possibly use it to make a base for others to use? I'd be sure to credit you and have them give you credit as well.
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Sure, go ahead
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Thank you so much c:
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Well done vector! :thumbsup:
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Can I use please?
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Sure, go ahead.
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I'd like to use this, but for something Non-Twilight related... can I
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Well sure, go ahead... but I ask two things for the using of my artwork:
- Please credit me in the description of your deviation for the using of my vector.
- And please send me a link to your deviation when you can finish it... I would love to see it :D
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