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Rainbow Dash - Facehoof

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Hi everypony!

:bulletred: I remade this old vector from my gallery. 

:bulletred: This image is free to use since it was based from the show, though I would really appreciate if you show me where you have used :iconpinkiepiesmileplz: (As always, please don’t use it for gore or NSFW images)


The characters and objects related with "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" are property of Hasbro and Laurent Faust :iconfyre-flye:

"My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" "Rainbow Dash" (c) Hasbro
Vector form made by :iconabydos91: abydos91

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This is perfect!
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Can I use this for recolor?
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Sure, I only ask for two things
- Please credit me in the description of your deviation for the use of my artwork.
- Please send me a link to your work, when you can finish it.
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Ok, I will, thank you (:
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You're welcome :iconfluttershyyesplz:
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[link] Done, wasn't that hard. Luckily Paint is a program that seperates some colors properly... Otherwise then Paint.NET...
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Thanks for the link :D I recommend Pain Tool SAI; it is a better program to develop paintings and it is free.

Good luck!
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Oh, thanks for the info. I hope it will be helpfull.
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Nice image, good job :)
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Thanks :D... I'm glad that you like it :iconfluttershyyesplz:
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This is some great art
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Thank you so much :D... I'm glad that you like it
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I really like it. The only thing I see that may stand out is her body is a little dark.
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Thanks :D... I'm glad that you like it :D
This is my first vector of Rainbow, so the color scheme that I used wasn't a show-accurate one... but I'm going to change it in these days:D.. Thanks for your comment :D
RainbowStereosGlow's avatar
That's a lot of :D's lol
You're very welcome. I want to be an artist, so I know how important critique is.
And I like it a lot :3
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Yes, I like the constructive criticism too, because it helps me to improve my technique and the way I designed my vectors. :D
I'm a game developer, but I want to work as an storyboard artist in my company :D... so I'm very thankful for each comment that I can receive.

Thank you so much! :D... if you want to, please leave a comment in my future projects. I will love it :iconapplejackishappyplz:
RainbowStereosGlow's avatar
I will do that. Keep up the good work! :D
The-Nuclear-Pegasus's avatar
Now facehooves got 20% cooler.XD
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This would be a good avatar
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