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A Fragile Peace: Part 3 - The Isle of Mists (27) :iconabusedprivilege:AbusedPrivilege 1 2
“Hey, Beibhinn?  Are you okay?”
Beibhinn rolled over, pressing her back against the plastic that separated her from the outside world.  “I’m fine, Sound.”
“No, you’re not,” he said.  His voice rumbled through the room like soft thunder, sending small invisible shudders up and down the young woman’s back.
“I said, ‘I’m fine’,” she insisted.
“No.  You’re not,” he insisted back.
Beibhinn took a deep breath in through her nose and exhaled everything in her lungs out through her mouth in a deep sigh.  Her fingers twitched through the small tuft of hair that always stuck out amongst her bangs no matter how often she patted it down.  “So?” she spat, changing tactics.
A whoosh of air signaled the man was squatting down to be level with her.  Or, at least, as level as he could be.  She could feel him looming over her room and could imagine his
:iconabusedprivilege:AbusedPrivilege 19 2
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A Fragile Peace: Part 3 - The Isle of Mists (26) :iconabusedprivilege:AbusedPrivilege 0 2
A Fragile Peace: Part 3 - The Isle of Mists (25)
The pirate ship circled around them with sails unfurled and billowing in a supernatural wind.  The gun ports were open and cannons aimed.  It was like watching a shark circle a small fish.  Angry, hungry, but waiting for blood before it inevitably struck.  Alby had the crew at the ready.  Bards stood anxiously behind their own small smattering of cannons.  (No more than ten.)  Dwarves manned the riggings and sails, prepared to change their direction in an instant and bring them out of their standstill in the dead water.  If there was one thing that brigantines were known for, it was their speed.  But who knew how they would fare against a pirate ship whose captain could control the very winds.  Orks stood on deck, fingering weapons most of the crew hadn’t known they’d had.  Come cannon fire or boarding attempt the small sailing vessel would give all she had.
“Why don’t they attack?” Nicor asked, voicin
:iconabusedprivilege:AbusedPrivilege 1 14

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Kiss and Tell
"Good… n-night?"
Jon perked up, eyes drawn to the tiny, unsure voice that came from beside his laptop. Sylvia stood there, threading her fingers. She pursed her lips, giving Jon a questioning raise of her eyebrows.
"You're getting better," he remarked, pulling his hand away from the keyboard.
Recognizing his words as praise, she bounced on her feet and let out a small whoop of triumph that made a grin spread across Jon's face. Try as he might, he could never ignore the fluttering in his chest when she beamed at him. Her excitement from retaining words was contagious.
"Jon," she said, crossing her arms expectantly and strolling directly between him and his laptop.
"Uh…" He hesitated, then stammered out the Fae words that bade her goodnight. Considering she smirked rather than collapsing into a fit of laughter, he was improving. She gave him a thumbs up, sending another disarming smile his way.
Barely a few weeks, and she was picking up English words and human gestures faster
:iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 33 24
Harmony by SosinSoup Harmony :iconsosinsoup:SosinSoup 79 7
The Power of the Author
It was a slow morning.  I had finished my coffee and was reading a book when I heard a scuffling outside my house.  Puzzled, I stood and set the book down on the table.  I walked to the front door and opened it, hearing familiar voices.  As soon as I did so, I heard a voice cry out "Now!"
In less than a second, a massive pair of hands dragged me from the house and pinned me to the grass outside.  I looked up to see a young, round face twice as tall as my own.
"Falran?" I grunted.  "What's this all about?"
"This wasn't my idea, Author, I promise," Falran said, a pout forming on his lips.  His sandy blond hair spilled into his eyes that actually looked sincerely apologetic.
"I'll be taking credit for this," a confident voice rang out.  I twisted my head around and saw Briggs hovering triumphantly nearby.  "We have a bone to pick with you, Author."
"Oh really?" I said with a raised eyebrow.  "Falran, let me up."
The Sarbithian glanced betw
:iconcdupre:CDupre 19 37
Mini Faerie Mermaids by sakimichan Mini Faerie Mermaids :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,098 577 Sea of Legs by Friendlyfoxpal Sea of Legs :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 163 43 Gladiators by PygmyGoats Gladiators :iconpygmygoats:PygmyGoats 63 9 Colony by ryky Colony :iconryky:ryky 3,967 70
Still Breathing
"O-our stars, Jon."
Her words echoed over and over in his head until they became meaningless. If he had known they would be her last words, he would have paid closer attention. He would have memorized the inflection of each painfully uttered word. Did she emphasize the stars, or his name? He couldn't remember.
Jon shuddered, wishing he could fall into a dreamless sleep, too stop thinking, even for a minute. He had no reason to open his eyes, but he did anyway.
He blinked in confusion. When had he gotten back to the motel? Dawn light peeked through the curtains, and his eyes made short work of adjusting.
He didn't have to look far before his breath lodged in his throat. He stared at the pillow next to his, knowing what he was seeing would disappear. But it didn't.
She didn't.
"Sylvia," he croaked, sitting up slowly, as if moving too quickly would cause her to vanish. But she remained where she was, curled up under her little blanket with her back to him.
With a shak
:iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 18 12
Mature content
Torn :iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 20 31
Flirt by Kate-FoX Flirt :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 10,828 259 You're safe now, little one by Lost-in-Legends You're safe now, little one :iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 109 41 Gift Giving (Gt) by mistress0minx Gift Giving (Gt) :iconmistress0minx:mistress0minx 41 6 Marie of the Sea by Anazen Marie of the Sea :iconanazen:Anazen 3 3 Too overwhelming by kuberish Too overwhelming :iconkuberish:kuberish 22 9 Whats this? by Angelicangel69 Whats this? :iconangelicangel69:Angelicangel69 8 2 Bei Portrait Colored by Anazen Bei Portrait Colored :iconanazen:Anazen 4 3



AbusedPrivilege's Profile Picture
I've been living in Japan since 2011. Not quite bilingual but on my way there.

I enjoy writing and drawing (specifically fantasy and GT). I try to upload something at least once a month.


Current Projects:
A Fragile Peace (updates at least once a month)
Years (as available)
Children of Ragnarok (buffering)
Character profiles
  • Listening to: Dear Evan Hansen
  • Reading: Dictionary of Lingusitics by David Crystal
  • Watching: Let's Play Dead Cells
  • Playing: 3D Dot Heroes
  • Eating: Goya Chanburu
  • Drinking: Water
Got tagged by CDupre

1. Black hair, dark eyes, dark tan.
2. No siblings; he's an only child.
3. Something of a farm boy.  His parents own a massive apple orchard and a herd of sheep and goats.
4. River is terrified of combat situations and is likely to panic and desert people before he'd consider staying and fighting.
5. Kissing grosses him out.  It reminds him too much of mama birds feeding their baby birds.
6. He really admires his grandfather for his funny stories.
7. He's very average at cooking.  Not good at it.  Not bad at it.
8. Sixteen going on seventeen~

Man.  That was harder than it needed to be.  Anyways, back to studying!  Feel free to do this if you want!


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