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'A Tale of Two Animals' remake X-men: D-Evolution
A Tale of Animals
A new mutant arrives at the institute. But will he be more trouble than he's worth?
Aburameclanhead: Hey everybody, long time no type. I've recently decidedto rerwrite this story from the ground up. I hope to improve upon what was the first fanfiction I ever wrote. If you'd liketo see the originalfor comparison, visit my page. I've recieved good reviews on it and if you read that, maybe you can tell me some stuff that needs to be fixed or improved, so without furthur ado, I present the remake of "A Tale of Two Animals," which shall now be known as X-men: D-Evolution.
It was the middle of the night at the Xavier Institute for gifted youngsters. It was a cold winter like every year and snowing unusually hard. Logan had be awoken by another of his flashbacks. They weren't as vivid as they used to be but he still lost sleepover them. He was walking down the stairs to the kitchen for somethi
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 5 2
I’ve found myself wondering lately, with increasing frequency, about my purpose in life. Who am I? What is it that I want out of life? What makes me happy? Do I have the drive to accomplish what I want?
These questions and more are constantly rolling around in my skull. I often fluctuate between extreme bouts of happiness and mild bouts of panic or rage, separated by long stretches of boredom or sadness. Why? I’m in college, have a wonderful home and a supportive family. I’m on the road to reaching my dream career, being an author, but even that seems to have lost its meaning. I once pumped out page after page of glorious works, my mind was free of censure, but now my mind is filled to the point of bursting with ideas but as I try to right them the golden brilliance of my words turns to ash on my screen.
Oh fickle Muse, why hast though deserted me? Have I performed some slight to you that you would suck the inspiration and joy from not only my pages but my very life?
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 1 9
X-men Evolution A Tale of Two Animals: Chapter 2
A Tale of Two Animals Chapter 2
Aburameclanhead: I see I have some readers but no reviews. Please send some so that I can fix any problems. Don't worry this chapter will be much longer than the last.
X-23: It'd better be. I'm tired of waiting to be introduced.
Aburameclanhead: Ease up, you'll get your chance. I don't want to rush this, we need character development.
Logan: Remember kid, don't get Laura into any sex scenes. If someone even gets to second base with her, I'll kick your ass.
Aburameclanhead: Oh, big man. Without your powers I'd beat you dowww ow ow ow. OK I GIVE!
Laura: Let's get this over with.
"Who the hell are YOU?!!" the confused mutant pointed at the three people in front of him.
"Listen kid, calm down and tell us who you are and why you're here," Logan said trying to be as un-threatening as possible.
"Tell me who you are first," the boy demanded.
Logan looked ready to beat some sense in to him wh
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 4 12
X-men Evolution: A Tale of Two Animals, Chapter 1
A Tale of Animals
A new mutant arrives at the institute and Logan can't tell who, but the kid reminds him of someone, and what happens when Laura/X-23 meets the mystery mutant?
Aburameclanhead: So it looks like you all get the honor of viewing my first fanfic. I'll be introducing an oc of mine paired with a personal favorite character, X-23. Slight Storm/Wolverine. Maybe others.
Logan: If this is perverted kid, I swear I'll….
Aburameclanhead: Chill Lo, now onto the story while I run from a pissed off Wolverine.
It was the middle of the night and snowing unusually hard. Logan was already up from a flashback of when he got his adamantium bones. He heard a loud banging coming from the entrance hall doors. "Who would be out in this?" he thought. As he opened the door he could just barely make-out an unconscious body on the snow filled porch.
"Hey kid, KID!" Logan rushed the half-frozen teenager to the med-room and went to
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 6 7
Lin Beifong's Father
In an Earth Kingdom bar, the Gaang was celebrating the first year of construction for the capital city of the United Republic of Nations. The music was loud and, despite their better judgment, most of them were very drunk.
Toph herself had turned out to be a rather flirty drunk. She grabbed onto a young man who had been a part of the construction crew working on city hall. "Hey good lookin'! You wanna to go ssshomewhere after the party?"
"M-ma'am? What do you mean?" he stuttered. She yanked on his collar, pulling him down to her level and whispered something to him that made his face turn red. "Miss Beifong!!! I don't think a woman of your standing should be doing things like that before you've been married!"
"Pffft! Hey Twinkletoes!!!" She yelled.
Suddenly a pile of bowls and cups fell over, revealing the avatar. "Gotcha. By the power invested me by the universe! I now pronounce you Mishter and Missshus Beifong!!!" he waved his arms and spoke as though he was using 'spirit magic'.
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 37 26
The Padawan Who Saved Him Ch. 18
Kal was  bored. No, Kal was beyond bored, he was annoyed. The 'mission' he and his new mentor, Master Anda Bari, had been sent on was doing police patrol with Curoscant clone troopers. It wouldn't have been so bad if something actually happened, but no. Today was the one day that all of Curoscant was crime free. To make matters worse, Master Bari was forcing them to go painfully slow. They would walk a few feet then stop and look around. Occasionally she would start looking in store windows to see what was inside (even though jedi didn't carry more than a meal's worth of credits). All of these thoughts Kal kept to himself, only letting a single sigh slip out.
"Is something wrong padawan?" Master Bari raised an eyebrow.
Kal kept looking out over the railing of the sidewalk, "No Master."
"I suppose you're bored with patrol, right?" she walked over and leaned against the railing next to him.
Kal looked down, a bit ashamed, "I don't like going so slow."
The young master chuckled, "I see. T
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 2 18
The Edge
I reached the edge of the universe, then I got bored and made a new one.
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 0 10
Preview: Tales of Manliness From Bancho-sama
Setting, a former all boys Japanese high school.
Main Characters: A group of scruffy looking young men trying to adjust to the presence of girls in their school while staying true to the teachings of their mentor and idol, the school's leader, senior Hayate Kuro, referred to by the boys as Bancho-sama. But are these boys truly as rough and tough as they seem?
The boys of class 1-A were gathered in the corner during homeroom.
"What? No way, I call bullshit." said a boy named Yoshimaru Yamada. He had spiky blond hair and wore his uniform tie as a headband.
"No, it's true! They say that university student, the one who spent a year in America, has already had sex with like thirty different girls!" protested another boy named Kaguro Matsuda. He had short, black hair with a single long bang on the right side of his face that had been died blond.
"I-is that even possible?" asked a large, muscular, bald boy by the name Tenchi Tatsumiya.
The group of boys went silent for a while.  
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 0 0
Street Fighter: Generations 5
Chao was once again in the park with Sakura and this time his master came to check out his pupil's progress. "Come on Chao! Blast that ki!" he pumped his fist in the air.
Chao nodded and lowered into the charging stance. Sparks began to appear in his hands as lines of light began to gravitate towards the slowly forming ball of ki.
The ball had reached the size of a softball when Dan walked up smiling. "Alright, now follow my moves exactly," he said as he got into his stance and charged his own ki ball. "Gadouken!!!" he cried, releasing the ball, which flew roughly five feet and disappeared.
Chao mimicked the motions and released his own attack, "Gadouken!!!" The blast went roughly three feet before fizzling out and Chao looked exhausted. He fell to his hands and knees and sweat poured off of his face.
Dan let out a happy laugh and gave Chao a thumbs up while Sakura shook her head at the easily pleased man.
Sakura handed Chao a towel to wipe off his face, "Looks like one's your limit fo
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 2 9
Forbidden Love Behind Enemy Lines AmericaxUkraine
It was early morning in Ukraine. The sounds of hoes feverishly tilling the soil filled the air. Katyusha, a young farmer woman, leaned on her hoe and wiped her brow. "This is no good, it's too early in the morning to be tired, I haven't even gotten started." she told herself. She grabbed her hoe and lifted it over her head, but before she could swing it, her bra snapped, causing her breasts to drop, snapping several of her shirt's buttons. "Nyet!" she cried, grabbing her shirt and tried to hold it shut. "This always happens, it's not fair," she started to cry and knelt down to find her buttons to try and sew them back on. She had learned a long time ago to carry a needle and thread.
As she finished sewing the last button back in place, there was a loud explosion and the sound of an engine dieing, she looked up, screamed and flattened herself against the ground just as a plane nearly took her head off and skidded through the part of her field that she had already tilled and rolled over.
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 6 6
Paras In Peril
"Paras! Hold on!!!" Cecil screamed as tears rolled down his face.
Paras' body glowed as both it and the mushrooms on its back grew.
Cecil tried with all his strength to tear the mushrooms off before Paras could evolve. He had seen first hand in the Mushroom Forest what happened after a Paras became a Parasect and he couldn't allow the fungus to kill his little friend. Spores filled the air until Cecil could no longer breath. With the last of his strength, he ripped out the tachukaso all the way to their roots. He was blinded by the bright flash of Paras' transformation. "I'm sorry Paras, I wasn't able to stop the evolution. I'm so sorry!" He sobbed as he laid on his back. Since coming to Hoenn and going on this crazy adventure, he had gone through a lot, and each step in the journey had brought him so close to his breaking point, but this, as the spores choked him to death, was it. His little friend that he had made promise to to never let him evolve, was now a mindless fungus. "I
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 2 2
Cecilia, Cecilia,
My darling Cecilia,
Your hair flows in the wind like silk,
Cecilia, Cecilia,
My wonderful Cecilia,
Your skin is as creamy as milk;
Cecilia don't you know?
You're flawless from head to toe,
And your bottom is as perfect as your top;
If ever I should see, a sight more beautiful than thee,
Surely my eyes would pop.
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 0 3
Cecil's Odd Odyssey
Our story opens on the deck of a cruise ship, sailing in the middle of the open sea "Mom, did you really have to take a job in Hoenn?" a young boy with short brown hair and green eyes whined, while trying to get a signal on his phone in the middle of the ocean. He wore a blue t-shirt and denim jeans.
His mother sighed in annoyance, having been asked the same question more times than she could count. "For the last time, yes," she had blond hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a green dress that reached down to her ankles, with a pokeball motif on the front. "Now Cecil, I know you didn't want to leave England, but after the university cut our funding, this was the only way to continue my research."
The boy snorted, "Research? You've spent your career studying fairy-tales, and now that the university got tired of wasting money on it, you drag me all the way to country so backwards that they still believe in pokemon."
His mother pinched the bridge of her nose, becoming very annoyed with her so
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 2 21
Street Fighter Generations 4
Chao and Sakura were in the park once again. They had been training Chao's ki manipulation for three hours everyday for five days. Dan and Chao were living in a tent on the roof of the house, despite the protests of Sakura's parents. Sakura's father hadn't been too thrilled about them "moving in."
"You can't stay here." the middle aged man stated as he pushed up his glasses.
"Why not?!!" Dan and Chao demanded at once.
The vein in his forehead bulged, "It was bad enough when Sakura was traveling all over and we had no clue what kind of trouble she was getting into! I'll drop dead before I let the trouble into my own home!"   
"How could we possibly be any trouble?" Dan asked stubbornly.
"Sakura has told me all about you mister Hibiki. You're loud, irresponsible, messy and destructive, and as for you..." he points at Chao, causing him to look around to see who he was pointing at then point at him self.
"Yes you, I absolutely refuse above all other things to
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 2 2
Their Choice
Balthier was laying awake in bed on board th Strahl. He finally caved in to Vaan's constant begging to fly. Sure all the boy had to do was keep it steady, but the sky pirate remembered what happened when his instructors told him to do the same, he started doing loop de loops. He lay on his back wagging his foot nervously.
In the bunk across from him, his partner stirred. "You're nervous." she said, facing the wall.
"What makes you say that?" He spat out the nail he was chewing on.
She grinned a little and rolled over, propping her head on her hand. "Just a hunch."
"Well I'm not," He defended himself.
The Viera shrugged and rolled back over.
Balthier sat there for a few minutes before sitting up. "I'm going to go check on the boy," and began to slip his boots on. He heard an annoyed sigh from his partner. Making him stop. "What?"
Fran rolled over and sat up. "Balthier, weren't you the one who swore you never wanted children?"
He was taken back. "What do you mean?"
"I mean you starting t
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 1 4
Next Generation Naruto OCs 1
Sakaki Uchiha- Son of Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha.
Hair- Black "Maybe" Short-Mid Length.
Eyes- Green "Hasn't unlocked Sharingan."
Clothes- Usually wears a red t-shirt and a blue jacket with the Uchiha family crest, a pair of tan shorts and shinobi sandals.
Appearance- He looks exactly like his father except for his eyes, which he gets from his mother.   
Personality- Doesn't take after either of his parents, being timid and a worry-wort by nature, something his best friend Naru Uzumaki never stops picking on him for. He's slightly intimidated by his father but loves him dearly and wants to prove himself to him but has a difficult time because he's terrible at taijutsu. Though he would never tell his father, he secretly wants to be a med-nin, becoming interested in medicine after helping heal his tomboy of a best friend's cuts and bruises for their entire childhood. He's not afraid to be rough with her because he knows that he couldn't hurt her if he tried, so when her antic
:iconaburameclanhead:Aburameclanhead 1 20
Today, at 7:30 p.m. my father, David Loyd Crisp, born Loyd David Crisp and the greatest man to ever live passed away after a long battle with cancer. I know in my heart that he is watching me in heaven. I ask any of you that have faith to keep him and my family in your prayers.


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