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Sadness by ABundridge Sadness by ABundridge
Assignment Requirements:

Create a drawing 9"x12" or thereabouts which uses actual text as an element of texture. First you will choose an emotion-such as anger, joy, boredom, etc... Then you will find an image that best represents this emotion. Try to find an image that shows texture within the image. Then you will use a thesaurus to find four words that mean the same thing as your For instance other words to represent joy include frolic, delight, glee, and ecstasy.
Now sketch out the contour lines lightly. Finally go back into the image and add the texture of the image using the four words that represent your emotion. In areas of light texture, you will space out your words and press lightly. In darker areas with more texture you words will overlap and you might press harder. On many tablets, the harder you press, the darker and wider the line. Also try using different medias-notice the differences between charcoal and conte(digitally). You can use a variety of brushes to achieve the look you are trying to achieve. Don't worry about color just yet, stick with black and gray tones. I will upload a few examples of student work soon to clarify.

My Comments:

This was a creation based off a photo. I used the words despondency, woe, melancholy, sorrow, and sadness to depict the feeling of the subject.

Grade: 50/50


I wouldn't change it.
SmilingY Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice minimalist image
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March 18, 2012
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