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mii power 2



it has 2 sub skins, that can be used along with any theme as they are in black and white versions

1. in horizontal orientation it has 4 power options (sleep, shutdown, restart & lock) + it shows the system uptime.
available it both black and white versions

2. in vertical orientation it has 3 power options (sleep, shutdown & restart)
again this is also in black as well as white version

middle click to close skin

also checkout mii system skin 2
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My computer shows 19 days uptime just after booting and I found it is because hybrid shutdown:…
Is there any solution to this?

Is it possible to make it horizontal without showing uptime?
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Is it just me or is the horizontal skin not there?
I only get the vertical one in the install
I found the sleep button actually puts my computer in hibernation. To fix this, run a command prompt as administrator and type "powercfg -hibernate off" to turn hibernation off. Other than that, great skin! :)
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thnx for the tip bro ;)
Nice Skin! The wall's great to! :) can you post a link of the wallpaper? :)
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thanks :)
here is the wall [link]
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I having problem too. 10 hours uptime just showing 1 39 mins.
I can't downloading file. That link is deleted.
Please updating. Mii power is best for me.
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glad you found it useful
just replace the W.ini with this one and tell me is it showing the right time now
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Thank you so much~
It works perfectly.
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Nicee! I like that^^
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Having problem with 10 hours uptime indication. It's just showing "1 07 mins."
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actually my system is never online for more than 6-7 hours therefore i never tested for scenarios with uptime in excess of 7 hours

try this and tell me if it solves the problem
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Yeah, it works okay now, thanks.
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Can you pack it to ZIP or RAR?
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sure, here it is [link]

but do try 7-zip, you wont regret it
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