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5 years Abt Nihil

For a CD...

Media: Pencil, Staedtler 0.3 pen, Photoshop
Size: approx. DIN A6
Date: July 2007
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YOU HAVE A CD??????!
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Not just one ^^ [link]
I've been making CDs for quite some time :nod:
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wow!!! so you're a singer as well???!?!! amazing!! *faints*

though.... i dont understand a word you wrote on the webpage... aha...ha... sounds alien. maybe one day you could teach me to read that. ^^
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Ah... it's just info on who I am, where I come from, what I do, which CDs I've released, live performance dates/locations, yadda yadda yadda... nothing you need to know ^^ as long as you can listen to the songs it's all good :XD:

If you want to understand German you should start with more important stuff, like "Hallo", "Auf Wiedersehen" and "Ich liebe Dich" :XD:
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how on earth do you pronounce that???!!!*dies*

the point is that, you CAN sing! im amazed. haha... cool... i cant even do the 'do re mi' in a correct pitch.
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German vowels are pretty much pronounced like the corresponding Japanese vowels, except for "u" which is pronounced more like the English "ooh". So "Hallo" would be pronounced like en English "Hullo" or a Japanese "Ha-lo" (short "a"). The same for "Auf Wiedersehen": In English it would be "Ah-oof Wee-dehr-seh-hen" :XD: I can't think of a Japanese word right now where a+u are combined, so we'll skip that. "Ich" is a bit more tricky, the "ch" is a bit like the "h" in Japanese "hime", it's not just an "h" like in English "hello". "liebe" would be an English "lee-be". "dich" is like "ich" with a d :D

Now teach me someting in Malaysian! :nod:

And don't worry about the singing, I'm not a professional or anything... ^^
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oh god.. that's waaay complicated then mandarin. haha... anyhow.. i shall try to learn some... someday. ^^..

malaysian language.. haha... its more easier i think. you just follow/pronounce exactly as the spelling. i think we have the most usage of vowels in most of the words. unfortunately, since malay is kinda classic language, we dont actually have alot in our dictionary, so wat we do is we 'malaysianize' the english we all know, and other ethnic languages that we have in this country..

our own language:

I = saya / aku
want / need = mahu / perlu
eat = makan

so like, i want to eat would be = saya mahu makan

example words kidnapped from english:
-----information = informasi
-----technology = teknologi
-----population = populasi

example words kidnapped from hindu
-----dukkha = duka(sad)
-----kharma = karma

actually there's malay is kinda jumbled up anyways. i usually mix all the languages around when i talk... amazingly for formals id automatically switch from random to english only. haha...

woops!! sorry.. long reply...
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You know I looooove long replies... anyway, saya mahu makan! :XD: I can empathize with that. Sorry if I kind of scared you off with German spelling, actually it's not that hard too. It depends on what you think of as a natural way of pronouncing vowels. From a German point of view, Asian vowels seem more natural than English and French ones, for example. So I thought it shouldn't be too hard ^^
That said, I only know Chinese and Japanese pronounciation, I don't really know how Malaysian pronounciation differs...
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I forgot an h in "lee-beh" ^^;
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Cool character
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