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March 29, 2008
Absurdopolis Cargo Bay final by *Osnotropp is an impressive pencil work that stays loose while painstakingly detailed, giving us a view of a steampunk world and handling composition through a careful use of planes and texture that effectively depict distance and size.
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Absurdopolis Cargo Bay final

here it is...

I really like it ....wish I live here

better picture soon

dimensions are 60x80 cm
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Stargatesg11's avatar
I really love your style!  :love:
phantomdotexe's avatar
This is really awesome. I love the designs and especially the awesome contours on all the architecture.
phantomdotexe's avatar
Totally. You deserve all the praise you get.
VeniceMoskito's avatar
hello there, i just thought you might want to get someone to credit you for this > [link]

to be honest, it´s an incredible sloppy copy, in that it looks incredibly much like a copy on first sight even for someone who didn´t know the original already.
to be fair, i think the artist didn´t mean to steal anything.
Absurdostudio-Krum's avatar
Sure... I'm amused someone would like to copy my work for fun :)

The thing is that in his copy he found good to cut the lamp up on the chimney (the ONE wrong thing I did in this illustration and that I cant see today:)).
ChristianSaBre's avatar
This is awesome! :D I love stuff like this, giant vehicles and cities! Nice one :)
Jessie1065's avatar
You...did you...draw this?! This is crazy...I love it! How on earth could you draw something so wonderful? May I ask; is it from a book or game, or is it from your imagination. Please excuse me for not knowing, I'm a little *ahem* slow.
BanzaiSquirrel's avatar
I wish I lived there, too..
X-Tomicidal-X's avatar
I can't imagine how much time this must have taken... everywhere I look, there is just more detail. Every little piece has even more little pieces that make it up. The tiniest little houses have even tinier little windows. It's amazing how there's so much repetition but no monotony. My highest regards to you!
Mayne1's avatar
that balloon is lucky to fit thru there haha
Shadowwwolf's avatar
Reminds me a lot of Lindblum, the city in Final Fantasy IX. This is a good thing. This is awesome.
Sborgana's avatar
Reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's work! Awesome!
Natalya-Himura's avatar
My favorite of your works! You have a very powerful talent! I really love your job, your draughtsmanship and your universe! You've got a wonderful imagination and a beautiful touch of steampunk creation!

I already have your first comic book and I look forward to the next!! <3
God continuation!!!

(Is it possible to find posters?)
GweNdZ's avatar
I wish I lived here aswell D: It's amazing, you're amazing >w<
Channel-Square's avatar
I wished I lived there too!
SilvaraDragon's avatar
I wish I could live here!
HazardesWaffles's avatar
Wow so much detail. I don't understand how you keep the pencil from smudging! Ugh, my greatest problem.
KIRKparrish's avatar
man i love your work!
LostThyme's avatar
Can I live there, too?
BrenGun's avatar
wow wonderfull job!!!!!!!!
yruhauntingme's avatar
Hell I wish I lived there also!
Gadrien's avatar
Mais quel coup de crayon, à chaque fois je suis impressionné! Quand sort le bouquin?
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