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:groups: Hi everyone!

Have you ever hear something like: "This armor is too heavy and impractical to fight wearing it!" "Armor bikini can't protect!" "Nobody can handle such a giant sword!" "This gun looks strange!"?
If that so, this is a group for you! We created this group for everybody who likes absurd fantasy and fantastic equipment! Just because it looks cool and epic!

We accept all media drawings, photos and craft.

Feel free to join!

Pleas, read the rules carefuly!


:bulletpurple: No works without armor or weapon (This is a group for fantasy/fantastic staff, not just fantasy creatures, etc.)
:bulletpurple: No historically correct and practical armor and weapon (Only absurd equipment)
:bulletpurple: Submit works to correct folders. (more about folders…)
:bulletpurple: Be polite and correct.
:bulletpurple: No porn.
:bulletpurple: No drafts, wips and low media works.

Gallery Folders

Howling Banshee - To battle by Narga-Lifestream
For Kalimdor! - Tyrande Whisperwind - HotS/WoW by Narga-Lifestream
knight female by VictorBang
knight male by VictorBang
Absurd Armor
Hell Knight Signifier by Brett-Neufeld
Sanguine Angel by Brett-Neufeld
Captain Flying Tiger by jimyeh00
Wood Elf Cavalier by Brett-Neufeld
Armor Bikini

Mature Content

Anaji Warriors by Brett-Neufeld
Druid of the Sea by Brett-Neufeld
Art3mis by Guido9

Mature Content

Pumpkin Blossom by SourShockX
Absurd Weapon

Mature Content

MMM 2018 Day 1: Fantasy by SourShockX
Lily thorn shield / fleur de lis cover by SchmiedeTraum
Dual Warrior {Colored} by BrainEater0
Berserker by SchmiedeTraum
Absurd Guns
Catwoman - Batman Returns by Guido9
LMG JIM by RobinKeijzer
P.I.G. WAR by RobinKeijzer
Coffin Crushers: Stake dodger by RobinKeijzer
Pirate King! by RobinKeijzer
Mech II by BrainEater0
The praetorian by naked-superpower
Dark Zodl by aoandou





The group is open!Feel free to join! Hope you will have fun!

We created this group for everyone who likes absurd, unreal and epic fantasy and fantastic equipment like. Feel free to submit you works with an extremely heavy armor, armor with blades and spikes, armor bikinis, giant swords, impractical weapon, strange and misterious guns and ets.

We accept all media drawings, photos and craft. Fanars and cosplay are allowed as well as original works.

You can submit 3 deviations per day.

Please submit your works to right folder!

Absurd Armor - Folder for any heavy, big, strange or impractical armor.
Armor Bikini - Folder for armor and chainmail bikinis.
Absurd Cold Weapon - Folder for giant, strange or impractical  swords, spears, bows, scythes, etc.
Absurd Guns - Folder for strange looking or mystical guns (for example, steampunk, fantasy, magic, energetic guns, etc.)
Mixed - Folder for works, that include more then one item from other categories.
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