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he's got a metal arm


"He’s fast.He’s strong. He’s got a metal arm"

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

TWS art bc I can


details on my tumblr

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Great job! :D
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glad you like it <3
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so glad you think you! thank you for commenting :)
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 AKCat-blush (Acchi kocchi)  our comment made me real happy heeeee~
Bucky!!! :)  Love this and love you for making it. :hug:
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So glad to hear that! haha thank you, he's my fav character in whole of MCU so I had to draw him <3 <3
You're welcome, and besides Thor, Loki, and Captain America, he's one of my favorite characters too. I love his design, backstory, and development and I hope to see what they do with him in future movie installments. :) :hug:
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i ADORE his design, I couls draw him all day given the chance and yep, can't wait to see him in Cap 3 (it's so sad that he's not in Avengers 2 ;_;)
I know and I'd love to watch you draw him. I wanna see him too, but why not a cameo in the Avengers 2? That makes no sense! :|

Oh well, more time for fans to come up with stories. Tee-hee! :hug:
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haha I might draw him again soon. I know I know, he should atleast have a cameo in those extras during the credits or something...

true true, the breaks between the movies are great for catching up on fanfics and fanarts...
Yep, yep. :) :hug:

Right after watching the Winter Soldier film, I immediately wrote at least five chapters of fanfiction in one night just to get my fans to read more. I hated leaving them hanging after five months of no new chapters.
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glad you think so! :)
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