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 TheFlowerGroup's "Krazy & Kooky" Flowers Contest has finished and I am honored to feature the winners. Great Job everyone!

:iconribbonblueplz: FIRST PLACE is KeldBach  :iconribbonblueplz:

Crazy Flower by KeldBach

Translucent by KeldBach   Eagle Owl Portrait by KeldBach   Pink Geranium by KeldBach

Posing, or Just Curious? by KeldBach

Rolls of Straw by KeldBach  Lesser Celandine Up Close by KeldBach  A Tree with Character by KeldBach



:iconribbonredplz: SECOND PLACE is deftones1979 :iconribbonredplz:

what am i by deftones1979

  For You by deftones1979  wicked by deftones1979  a quick drink by deftones1979

hi by deftones1979

coneflower by deftones1979  sunset by deftones1979  in bloom coneflower by deftones1979

:iconribbongreenplz: THIRD PLACE is VasiDgallery :iconribbongreenplz:

Light Inside by VasiDgallery

Delicate by VasiDgallery  The one by VasiDgallery  They call me The Wild Rose by VasiDgallery

Predator by VasiDgallery

after rain by VasiDgallery  Kiss from a Rose by VasiDgallery  Dew drops ... by VasiDgallery

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I have been wanting to do a feature for a while now and I figured with the beta testing options for the new journal tools, now was a better time than any! Below are a some photographs and even some traditional art I find inspiring from people I watch on DA. I live in an area that spring has yet to show its face. I gathered these beautiful pictures to remind myself that like all things, my area will eventually thaw. I hope you enjoy these artists as much as I do! 

White Blossoms by CASPER1830   Missing Spring by jot-woo   after the rain by prettyflour  Purple Orchids 2 by CASPER1830   Hello Spring! by Roses-to-Ashes   Japanese Magnolia by sara-satellite

<da:thumb id="351762740"/> Flower Bed -diptych- by sara-satellite  yellow as the sun by deftones1979

Lily II by FrancescaDelfino     Flower 05 by s-kmp    GROWING LOVE by wiwionart    Springtime Glory by Miguel-Santos
<da:thumb id="363717874"/>    Ghostly White by creativemikey   deep purple by kyokosphotos   Sunny Wildflower -square- by sara-satellite
Cuban Lily by CASPER1830                         Spring Fever III by Scooby777

Sleeping by SaraPereiraArt      Blossoming Beauties by kach-back       Bluebonnets by deftones1979

Star Magnolia 3 by CASPER1830     FIRST RAYS OF DAWN by wiwionart    Raspberry Flower by lil-Mickey     Golden Swirls by Roses-to-Ashes

Flower by StainXY NO PERFECTION by wiwionart     Yellow-Navy by vabserk Waterdrop Iris by sara-satellite
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I will be back after New Years, but will be checking in daily to vote for a group I am an admin in. I will look through all my watch folders upon returning. Enjoy your holiday everyone! :D

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