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Speaking as someone who gives herself stitches I have one thing to say- "Ow."
Speaking as an a person who barely calls herself an artist I have quite a few more words- one of those being "Wow"
You're work is simply beautiful, and your use of graphite makes me salivate. How in the world you managed not to smug it I will never understand, I always end up with black marks up and down the side of my hand and my wrist; even as far up as my elbow some times.
AbstractDoctrine's avatar
Thank you! I'd like to think that after all these years I've become somewhat more proficient but you'd be a better judge then I. I'm biased :p
CJCarlow's avatar
So I've gone on a faving binge in your gallery and stumbled onto this lovely piece that I am completely captivated by. So fucking loverly!
AbstractDoctrine's avatar
Haha, I didn't realize you had a DA account! Well, I'm glad you like what you see :)
Curiosis's avatar
I really have to hand it to you, this is work of near-limitless beauty.

Your fanaticism for accuracy and detail is astounding.
AbstractDoctrine's avatar
Awww, awww, sweet. Thank you.
lily-kat's avatar
omg, this is so friggin' cool, he looks like a zombie! :XD:
The skin sewing is awesome. :D
AbstractDoctrine's avatar
Well, yeah. He is a zombie.
Valicetra's avatar
this makes me think of a dream i had once where i was sewing my eyes closed...i just cant figure out how i was able to see my reflection in the mirror if my eyes wher closed... x_x
AbstractDoctrine's avatar
Valicetra's avatar was a really cool dream though....
AbstractDoctrine's avatar
Tell me more about your dreams, the creepy ones. It may inspire me.
Valicetra's avatar
lol...well...i got to think...i eather dont remember them or start writing books about them...

i had one where i was in a row boat with two other men (because im always a man in my dreams for whatever reason) and we where going down a river in the broke a leg, and one broke an arm, and i bove overbored when one droped a paddle and hit my head on the bottum, when i came back up i had a long wood splinter that went through my head and when i pulled on it i could feel it moving the hair on the back of my head...that was such a cool feeling ^^ somehow it went through my forehead, through my nasal cavity and out the ack of my head without killing me, and i could feel the blood running down my throaght... (cant spell)

that was a recent gtake me a wile to remember more...
AbstractDoctrine's avatar
That sounds...pretty good. Thank you.
Valicetra's avatar
no problem...if i have anhything else intresting ill let you know...
KaoroDono's avatar
Your drawings are usually breathtaking. This one is double-breathtaking! The shading is so frickin awesome! *fav*
KaoroDono's avatar
You're welcome =)
artangst's avatar
omg, this is so gorgeous... you are just too good my friend *shakes head* :hug: this is beautiful.
AbstractDoctrine's avatar
Ah, thank you. He was a pain.
*glares at him*
artangst's avatar
*lauhgs* I bet he was! *scolds him*
Lead-Poisoning's avatar
You know I love this piece. I just can't express how much.
astarael22's avatar
I love the completed piece. Its so strangely beautiful. I didn't like the idea of sewing the eye up at first cuz obviously it looks like it hurts, but that feeling kinda faded away and I just really love this now. ^^ I think its gorgeous. :+fav:
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