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AbstractNSurrealArmy: Interview with KizukiTamura

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 13, 2018, 2:22 AM

Hello and welcome to a new series of interviews called AbstractNSurrealArmy, where I will be interviewing various Abstract and Surreal photographers, and today I will be interviewing the well-known KizukiTamura!

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Cyril Berthault-Jacquier aka KizukiTamura in reference to Haruki Murakami who is my favorite novelist for many years now. I was born in Paris and I live in Brussels for more than ten years. If I gave up the idea of becoming a professional photographer - in the sense of making a living out of it - I am exhibited in France and abroad in the context of group exhibitions or solo exhibitions. This situation suits me perfectly. Regarding DA, I am active as an admin in several groups and I enjoy working with them.

Expecting Nothing From The Sky by KizukiTamura  R by KizukiTamura
   Black Tears by KizukiTamura  Cover by KizukiTamura

What draws you to mainly create abstract art?

When I was a child, my family used to say that I was a dreamer. When I was a teenager, my family kept saying the same thing about me. Today, as an adult, I am still a dreamer and I embrace it. The awake dream sometimes makes it possible to see life differently. I think about aerendial with whom I shared this feeling and with whom I had a lot of discussions.

Centrum by KizukiTamura  City Wave by KizukiTamura  
Back Side With Orange Dots by KizukiTamura   Back From Germany by KizukiTamura

What is your creative process/thinking?

Inspiration is a very difficult process to explain. As of now, no psychologist or psychoanalyst can explain the process of inspiration. I personally believe that inspiration is primarily about encounters. Reading a book, listening to music, seeing an exhibition, in other words, feeding ourselves and letting things go. I like to sleep. For me, sleep is essential to my physical, psychic and creative well-being. With these foods, by listening to yourself, the process is set up quite easily, in an almost obvious way that we did not expect.

Bridge In The Sky by KizukiTamura  sequence V2 by KizukiTamura
  Red Was My Way by KizukiTamura    ta main by KizukiTamura

What and who inspires you?

I'm a city dweller. I have always lived in big cities: Paris, Toulouse, New York, Brussels. Urban exploration is a land of inspiration. I like noticing details that people can sometimes miss. However, I also enjoy looking at the sky, the trees, the sea, say hello to them in thoughts. It's a very personal little prayer I gladly take when I'm on the tram or in the street. For the rest, I have never hidden here on DA my admiration for Rothko, Soulages and Matisse and many others. For these three my admiration is such that I can not help but think about them every day.

X X L by KizukiTamura  This Morning by KizukiTamura
  Blue November by KizukiTamura  Deconstruction Of The Sky by KizukiTamura

What are the different tools that you use?

The tool for me has never been a priority. The bottom line is how to use the tool. It is possible to produce sublime works with a simple Polaroid just as it is possible to produce shit with the latest LEICA.
I have been trying to photograph freely without thinking what tool I will use recently. This must remain for me spontaneous.
Today, I use my Iphone more and more. I then edit my photographs with my IPad and I finish the editing process with Aperture or Photoshop, depending on how I feel in the moment. Many do the same without admitting it. It bothers the purists. I do not care about purists. I have nothing to prove them. I have developed so many films in the past...

White And Night by KizukiTamura  Breach by KizukiTamura
  Red Lock by KizukiTamura  six points by KizukiTamura

How would you describe your work?

This is a tough one. It may not be up to me to judge. But if I were to die tomorrow, I would like to hear from my work that it was "poetic". And if it is not the case, I will not be there to appreciate the comments :-)

Ensemble by KizukiTamura  Neighborhood by KizukiTamura
  Like A Lion In A Cage by KizukiTamura  Orange Rain by KizukiTamura

What is the artwork you are the most proud of? And why?

Only one photograph? It's a terribly difficult choice. But since I have to answer, I would say this one:

piano lessons and self portrait by KizukiTamura 

It's both an abstract photograph and a self portrait. It's also my first "kaleidoscope" - I love making them (kaleidoscopism) - and my first Daily Deviation that recognized this format.

m i k a d o by KizukiTamura  Blue Autumn by KizukiTamura
KonstruKtion by KizukiTamura  Stained Glass by KizukiTamura

Do you have any piece of advice that you would like to give to anyone who would like to start making abstract art?

I will go back to the second question and say: Let yourself dream! Let yourself look at the things of life without personal biases. Let yourself do what you want to do, with your soul and conscience. Do not let the moment escape you. Listen to your senses and your deepest desires. The rest will happen if the motivation is sincere. 

Red Beast by KizukiTamura  Blue Yellow by KizukiTamura 
Young Mason by KizukiTamura  Angle by KizukiTamura

Thank you KizukiTamura!

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