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Contests will be held on a regular basis.
Please comment with your theme suggestions!

// Minimalism

Minimalism Contest Stamp by Abstract--Reality
-- When: Decemebr 5. 2009 - January 20. 2010
-- Who: abstract--reality.deviantart.c…
-- How: abstract--reality.deviantart.c…

// Show me EVIL!!1

Show me Evil - Contest by Abstract--Reality
-- When: August 15. - September 20.
-- Who: abstract--reality.deviantart.c… and abstract--reality.deviantart.c…
-- How: abstract--reality.deviantart.c…
-- WINNERS: abstract--reality.deviantart.c…

// Evil Light
-- Judges pick:
:thumb100417557: by :icondianagrigore:

// Evil Shadows
-- Judges pick:
Michael by B-Tek by :iconb-tek:

// Overall winner
-- voted via notes:
Lurking Evil by silverroses222 by :iconsilverroses222:

// Black and White Vision

BW Vision Contest Stamp by Abstract--Reality
-- When: June 5. - July 10.
-- Who: abstract--reality.deviantart.c… and abstract--reality.deviantart.c…
-- How: abstract--reality.deviantart.c…
-- WINNERS: abstract--reality.deviantart.c…

// Subtle Tones in a Grayscale world

-- Judges pick + some comments:

1 - Random square : 05 : demo bw by DecoyRobot by DecoyRobot:icondecoyrobot:

JaredPLNormand: "This composition reminded me of Aaron Siskind's work. He excelled at capturing compositions from the real world to make them holistic objects of art without allowing the viewer to consider the surrounding environment. Although not a direct inspiration on my own work, I do admire his achievement in becoming the most prominent photographer in the American Abstract Expressionist movement."

2 - Million Feet Away by khrisjuhlin by khrisjuhlin:iconkhrisjuhlin:

inacom: "Flawless composition, great variety of tones and a lot of interesting details."

3 - :thumb127257899: by Mizz-Peaches:iconmizz-peaches:

rjopal: "This one shows really good use of tones, which many other failed to do."
Demodocus: "I chose this photograph because it represents the full-spectrum of black to white, with all the greys which fits this category perfectly. Combined with the swirls brings them all together."

// United at the Extremes

-- Judges pick + some comments:

1 - JUSTBLAZE by SKRURU by SKRURU:iconskruru:

Demodocus: "I really like the repeated shape and the balance of this photo. The photo manages to connect black and white through circular interesections and repetition. I am curious about how this was constructed and the artist gives little info. The composition could be a little more thoughtful, although I appreciate the feeling of artistic outpouring."
rjopal: "Very abstract. I wish there were more entries like this one!"

2 - Cortando la nada by INKOGNITHA by INKOGNITHA:iconinkognitha:

Demodocus: "I have no accurate explanation of this photo other that that it is simply enchanting. The balance between black and white is perfect and the unique lines that are created are stunning. My ratings are high because I have never seen this before and I love the asymmetry that brings this two opposites together. Also, the title and the Spanish lyrics are very interesting and offer some "illumination"."
inacom: "An excellent example of extreme contrast, it can also bring the viewer to see different things in it - I see a bird's head :)"

3 - :thumb124110405: by Phaedrus-42:iconphaedrus-42:

JaredPLNormand: "Perfect. The only two things I can possibly consider flaws in the smallest sense are the bowed edge of the white space and the noticeable change in brightness from the edges toward the center. It is simple but sustains viewership. It is contrasty but right where it needs to be. It is gestural but completely controlled. This is undoubtedly my overall pick."

// Overall Winners

1 - Abstraction 83 by JaredPLNormand by JaredPLNormand:iconjaredplnormand: :trophy:

2 - :thumb79291354: by tesener:icontesener: :woohoo:

3 - Black hole by Ann-NL by Ann-NL:iconann-nl: :clap:

// Abstract Light

Abstract Light Contest Stamp by Abstract--Reality
-- When: Mar 29. - May 10.
-- Who: abstract--reality.deviantart.c…
-- How: abstract--reality.deviantart.c…

:trophy: Winner of Pure Light category: :trophy:
Light Graffiti by theskiesrainscarlet by :icontheskiesrainscarlet:

:trophy: Winner of Light Colors category: :trophy:
:thumb119984135: by :iconxiete:

:clap: overall 3rd places: :clap:
:thumb76374738: by :icontesener:
and :thumb118113236: by :icontomwhite:

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limegintonicProfessional General Artist
How about abstractions that vaguely resemble human features? Such as: [link]
Abstract--Reality's avatar
sounds really cool! all new suggestions will be part of a vote for the next contest (in 3 months).
limegintonic's avatar
limegintonicProfessional General Artist
inacom's avatar
inacomProfessional Photographer
slow shutter speed in abstract photography
rockgem's avatar
rockgemProfessional Digital Artist
hmm how about a suggestion of games as a theme for a contest? like abstracts photography the idea of playing games etc but incorporated within abstract/semi abstract photography? like close ups of cards or dice or dominos or other game pieces or photographs of say a sport or active games or such where the figures have motion blurs and such?
Abstract--Reality's avatar

I think that little by little we will go through all contest ideas that you can see in the comments to that journal :D
rockgem's avatar
rockgemProfessional Digital Artist
lol cool - i look forwards to giving them a go :D
aobaob's avatar
I think shadows could be interesting. I can offer a journal feature for the winners of each contest by the way, I am happy to be part of such an enthusiastic group. :)
Abstract--Reality's avatar
thank you very much! I'll count you in for the prizes :D

your idea is great, I'll keep it for one of the next contests :)
Phaedrus-42's avatar
Phaedrus-42Hobbyist Photographer
How about "Black and White Minimalism" ? :D

very precise topic :P
Abstract--Reality's avatar
haha, that's really close to what I was thinking of! :D can you read minds? :fear:
Phaedrus-42's avatar
Phaedrus-42Hobbyist Photographer
...through the internet sometimes :D
Naldo-Florida's avatar
How about "evil light" ?

Many people use light in works to show hope, love, and divine intervention.

So why not turn that idea on its head and use light to show evil or evoke something bad?

Abstract--Reality's avatar
haha, that sounds really cool! :D thank you for your idea!
maybe I will make it our 3rd contest, so that we don't have 2 contests about light one after another; but if there are no better ideas - I'll go for it as a 2nd contest :nod:
Naldo-Florida's avatar
Wow! Thanks ^^ Glad you like the idea =)
anonymous's avatar
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