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Quick Rules

:bulletblue: You can contribute 1 picture/week. Please select current month as folder. Abstract or surreal only, NO photo manips, macros or close-ups - drawings, paintings, or photos of these works of art are not to be considered abstract/surreal photography!

:bulletblue: You cannot take a photograph of an abstract artwork and call it your own abstract artwork.

:bulletblue: Photo manips, macros or close-ups are accepted as long as they are not straight-noticeable or clearly visible as photo manips/macros/etc.

:bulletblue: Photo collages with photos that are superposed are not accepted (that's why we are a photo group, you should be able to express the idea of abstract through one photo only; however, if you have a collage of two or more photos bordering each other, that should be just fine).

:bulletblue: Sepia/black&white are NOT considered manipulations.

:bulletblue: We're looking for ORIGINALITY and QUALITY people! So please, no photos of unfocused objects or simply blurred ones, unless they have something special in it: shape, color, etc.

:bulletblue:If you had submitted a photo in the past and it had been rejected, please don't send it the 2nd time. It won't be accepted this time either. Try to improve it or submit another one!

:bulletblue: Contest and game submissions are accepted as fav suggestions to appropriate collections.

:bulletblue: Critiquing requests are processed as fav suggestions to Critique Them folder.



PS: if you are experiencing problems with the submitting process, just send your picture (link, thumbs do not work) in a note (specify what it's for, of course)



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Hello, members!
Just wanted to make this announcement. Over the next few days, all past folders are in the process of being deleted. And eventually there will be only be 2, possibly 3 folders in the gallery. If you notice that one of your photos were deleted, you are more than welcome to resubmit to the either the abstract or surreal folder for the time being. Thank you for your patience.
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Opening Date: 13th April
Closing Date: 27th May, 10pm GMT
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News Article - to be seen!

Hello dear members! :aww:

Kaz-D has put up an article about abstract photography. If you're interested in finding out new stuff or you're a newbie and need guidance, check it out here:…

Have fun! :hug:



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GoldenGeo Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2020
hi i'm a french girl, add me discord to discuss and more: D
I love to draw, I make art, I created all by myself with photos, come see, and don't forget to subscribe to support me! and Life for lama!  20200105 183159 by GoldenGeo  
FallisPhoto Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2020  Professional General Artist
This group ignores submissions and apparently no one here knows what either abstract or surreal means. Their definition is incorrect on almost every level. The rules might as well say "no creativity allowed." It is all documentary photography and there is very little here that is either abstract or surreal. I had high hopes but I am very disappointed. I am leaving. If this group is not dead, it should be. Abstract and surreal? False advertising. If you want to see what REAL surreal photography looks like, look at Jerry Uelsmann's work, or J. K. Potter's. It is ART, which is always created, never merely captured.
kavya1208 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2020
How to join this group??
redideo Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2020  Professional General Artist
Thank you for accepting me!
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Many thanks for let me join this group! :happybounce: 
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Thank you so much for featuring my photos!
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Thanks for accepting me in your group!
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Stepping down? Me to. Bye! :(
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