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Dog Anthro TF Sequence - Dog Days (1/30)
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Published: December 15, 2013
Want to see a picture of yourself transformed into an anthro creature like this? I'll do it for you, you can specify what you want, and won't charge you anything! Click here to get started!

Welcome to a new series that shows a transformation that takes place over the course of a month! This is something I wanted to do for a while now, and I am excited to do it.

Dog Days: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 30

Stock: Casual13 by :iconfaestock:

Story: Ouch! She jolted back into reality when she received the shot in her arm. She was daydreaming about what her transformation could possibly be. It was a gamble, they told her, even though the serum is stored with labels on the shelves. She guessed they just gave her what they needed testing for. The nurses instructed her to follow them. She walked with them down the white corridors. Why was this building so white? Thinking more on the transformation, had she truly gone through the consequences in her head? It's not like this was something everyone was doing, or even heard of! She did not even tell her family she was doing this! Then again, she never tells her family anything, and the same goes vise-versa. Perhaps she was the perfect candidate for this. She wasn't really that attached to anyone except her best friend. She did tell her about the transformation, though. Her friend was impressed, and even a little envious.

The door creaked open to reveal a big white room, but this one had more to it. There was a bed, a chair, some books, an outlet, a dresser, a mirror, and the things she brought with her. Seeing the dresser she realized she forgot to bring a change of clothes. She was going to have to spend 30 days in this outfit. She then looked up and saw 5 cameras. 1 in each corner as well as one rotating in the center. She then noticed on the bedside table, there was a journal and pen. This was what they instructed her to use earlier. They want her to record her thoughts on her changes, as well as any noticeable side-effects. The door shut behind her. It was a white door with a window that opened from the outside for communication, but mostly for giving her supplies like food and drink. There was also a button near it that she could press to get help. She went over to her new bed and picked up her journal.

Journal Entry #01: Day 1, 3:32 PM
So today is the first day. So far, all I am feeling is nervous, as well as very curious as to what my transformation will be. I hope it is some kind of cat. A big cat would be nice. Maybe a cheetah! Right now the only noticeable change would be how pale I am. I doubt it is from shock or anything, because it only seems to be getting worse. I am almost practically as white as this place, and still I am getting whiter! I hope I am not becoming a vampire or something.
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