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Myths and Monsters - Tanuki

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Mob Type: Passive
Health Points: 8
Attack Damage: N/A
Spawn: Forest biomes and around Villages
Experience: 1-2

Description: The cute little ball of fuzz that is the tanuki seems completely harmless, right? Wrong. The tanuki might be passive, but they are mischievous pranksters that will give you a heart attack at the first opportunity.

While the tanuki’s normal form of a small racoon dog isn’t exactly what you’d call terrifying, tanuki are shapeshifters, so chances are when you run into them you won’t know that it’s just a simple passive mob. Tanuki can take the form of almost any mob, including overworld mobs like creepers, nether mobs like ghasts, and even modded mobs like the monstrous Dullahan. Their health doesn’t change and they don’t attack anything (even if they took the form of a hostile mob), but they can still give you one hell of a fright when they chase you looking like a goddamned wither.

As they are a passive mob, attacking them doesn’t mean they turn hostile, they simply turn back into their default forms and leg it away from you. They run as fast as an ocelot (slightly faster than a player sprinting), so unless you’re hell-bent on murdering this innocent-if-a-little-naughty creature, chances are it’ll escape from you.

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Beautiful. Are you thinkning about making a mod about this things?