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Myths and Monsters - Spectre

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Mob Type: Neutral
Health Points: 20
Attack Damage: 5
Spawn: Can spawn anywhere, albeit rarely. Spawns more frequently in dungeons, temples and mineshafts.
Rare Drops: Ectoplasm (0-2)
Experience: 1-2

Description: When it spawns, it looks and acts exactly like a Spirit (another one of my mob ideas). However, when a player attacks it, it changes form and becomes hostile. It can see through walls and, being a ghost, can walk through them also. It will turn invisible periodically, the only indication of its whereabouts being white smoke particles at its feet when it moves. It is impervious to fall damage, fire, lava, explosions, and basically any form of damage other than a direct attack from a player.
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Excellent concept! It's nice to see a mob that not only disguises as other mobs but is also invisible sometimes, due to the fact that subtlety and cunning isn't something most people go for when designing mobs
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Thanks! :D I always found being sneaky to be way more fun than just being straight-up powerful, so I reflected that in this mob.
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A reflection of a part of you? And excellent way to create monsters :D