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Myths and Monsters - Shikikami

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One of the less known legends out there, the Shikikami originate from Japanese mythology. Don't try googling them, because you won't get any results, believe me. I had to base the entire mob out of what I found in a book I had.

Mob Type: Utility
Health Points: 10
Attack Damage: 1 (you can equip them with weapons to increase this)
Spawn: Made by the player (see crafting recipes)
Drops: Paper, Shikikami Paper
Experience: 0

Description: In Ancient Japanese legends, sorcerers would create beings made of paper, named Shikikami, by writing spells on the paper and putting magical energy into it. Shikikami could act as a sort of ‘familiar spirit’, a magically created companion or slave. The shikikami could be set to work by their masters to do any task, be it great challenges or menial labour.

Unlike other utility mobs, the shikikami is made in the crafting table and then placed as an item. You craft the shikikami paper using soul essence, magic essence, and any amount of paper you wish to enchant (1 in each slot, so a max. of 7). You then use this paper to craft the parts of its body and piece them together. When you have the shikikami item, you place it on a block to spawn it as a mob. Shikikami are loyal to the player who placed them, regardless of who actually crafted them.

Each shikikami has 3 inventory slots and one hand slot. You can open their inventory by right clicking on them. Default shikikami follow the player and attack mobs that you attack or are attacked by. By renaming them before placing them, you can assign them certain tasks, including ‘Guard’ (they stay in one spot and attack any hostile mobs in a 15 block radius of the point), ‘Hunt’ (they travel around and kill various mobs until they have a full inventory), and ‘Harvest’ (they farm nearby crops and replant any seeds that drop).

Shikikami are useful for doing menial jobs that would otherwise waste your time, but they are also rather stupid. For example, they are unable to tell the difference between wild animals and farm animals you have captured, so keep your animals in pens out of their reach.

[Note: The shikikami paper, head, body, legs and the actual mob all have the enchanted effect over them. I just don’t know how to texture this. :S ]
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dylan613Hobbyist Artist
Can this mob be dangerous if you provoke it?
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Mwahahaha... with these I shall take over minecraftia!
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it is original I like ;)
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RainbowDash533Hobbyist General Artist
woah :3 dat would be so cool!
just the thoughts of having 1!!!
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Original slave idea. Pretty fantastic actually!
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Thank you! :D

I can't take the credit for the idea, you'll have to thank Ancient Japanese mythology for that one.

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Thank you Japan :3

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