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Myths and Monsters - Familiar

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Mob Type: Neutral (Tameable)
Spawn: Witches have a 15% chance of spawning with a familiar tamed by them
Rare Drops: Soul Essence
Experience: N/A

Description: Familiars are supernatural beings that serve witches, protecting them and helping with their magic. They usually take the form of animals, most commonly domestic animals like cats or dogs. The witch would feed them her blood to keep them loyal. When a witch spawns, they have a 15% chance of spawning with a tamed familiar. This familiar acts the same way towards the witch as a pet wolf would do to a player; they attack anything the witch attacks or is attacked by.

When attacking a player or a mob, they have a 10% chance of poisoning said target. Also, if the familiar falls below 1/3 health, it will run back to the witch and drain health from it (never draining the witch below 10 health). For every 1 health point absorbed, it regains 2.

When the witch they are joined to dies, they stop attacking and go back to their neutral state. Now that they are no longer joined to the witch, they can be tamed using Soul Essence (1-4). Once tamed, they lose their habit of stealing the owner’s health, so you can regain their health by feeding them Soul Essence.

Familiar - Cat

Health Points: 26
Attack Damage: 5
Special Info: Scares away creepers

Familiar - Dog

Health Points: 24
Attack Damage: 6
Special Info: Does 1.5x damage against skeletons
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Lovely designs :3
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You think so? They were originally supposed to just be the same as the normal mobs with red eyes, but they were too similar so I made their fur red. I wasn't sure they looked very good.
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Well, the wolf skin could be better but the familiar cat skin is pretty good
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SeptolumHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. Like the textures, especially the good old minecraft cross-eyed cat