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Myths and Monsters - Dullahan

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Mob Type: Hostile
Health Points: 100
Attack Damage: 14 (Normal Attack), 10 (Spine Whip), 16 (Head Throw)
Spawn: At the rise of the New Moon
Drops: Bones (3-9), Blood (0-2), Soul Essence (0-1)
Experience: 8-10

Description: In Irish legend, the Dullahan is a headless being carrying its head underneath its arm. They are often linked with death, predicting the demise of all who meet it.

The Dullahan spawns at sunset once every lunar cycle, when the New Moon rises in the sky. It spawns with a pre-tamed black horse, which it rides when not in combat (when the Dullahan is killed, you can claim the horse as your own).

The Dullahan is a deadly enemy to fight. With its large amount of health and its devastating attack power, the Dullahan makes short work of unprepared enemies. Other than its normal attack, it has two special attacks. It can use a whip made out of a human spine to lash at enemies up to 3 blocks away. It can also throw its head at enemies; the attack is slow but powerful, and can hit targets up to 6 blocks away. Once thrown, the Dullahan must go collect the head before it can continue attacking.

The Dullahan is afraid of gold, and as such will take increased damage from gold weapons. If you wear gold armour, the damage you will receive from the Dullahan will also be decreased.
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Carter2144Hobbyist General Artist
What program do you use to make textures of creatures?
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shadowequinoxStudent Digital Artist
This should totally be a mod
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with Panda, this is an amazingly textured and put together model, I hope to see more of this from you
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I didn't really think much of this model; it was just my attempt to get back into modelling again. Now I'm starting to think it might be a bit hard to live up to...

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Alright, you've done excellent work with this sinister fellow here. The modelling has been done well, especially the spine whip he carries. Not only that, but the texture is a great one for an evil monster :D
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Thank you! :D It's great to hear such positive feedback.

I put a lot of time into this model, particularly on the whip which took forever.

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Ah, no problem. You really deserve the feedback :D

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