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Myths and Monsters - Cerberus

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Kinda came to a dead end with Hordecraft (no pun intended), so I came up with a new idea for a mod - Myths and Monsters.


Mob Type: Hostile
Health Points: 30
Attack Damage: 3 (Easy), 5 (Normal), 7 (Hard)
Spawn: Next to a nether portal (can spawn in both Overworld and the Nether)
Drops: Cerberus tooth (1-2)
Rare Drops: Hellfire ingot (1)
Experience: 5-7

Description: In Greek mythology, Cerberus is the three-headed watchdog who guards the entrance to Hades, the underworld. It spawns near nether portals and guards them with its life. Cerberus will attack anything that comes within 15 blocks of the portal that it is guarding, and will never leave this area apart from when chasing a transgressor. Once the enemy has been killed, it will make its way back to the portal and continue to guard it until death.
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stupidasdumbNew Deviant


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I was walking in my street AND IM POOPIN IN MY PANTS! All see this and started laughing about me! 
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Puedes poner a descarga el modelo?
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Over9KGuyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi AbsoluteZero,

I have been browsing through your ideas and I really like them. Is it okay if I include some of your ideas in a Minecraft expansion? Me and my friends are coding it and we believe that your ideas would be a great addition to this expansion. The project is called "Minecraft: The Resurrection Project" by the way. Since you are making/made a mod, I was wondering if you could help us out.

Sincerely, Over9KGuy   : )
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RainbowDash533Hobbyist General Artist
that is so cool!
maybe it spawns next to a end portal 2?
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Thank you for the praise of my design. :)

As for the end portal thing, I considered the fact that, in Greek mythology, Cerberus guards the gates of the underworld. I thought it was more fitting to spawn them next to nether portals as they are Minecraft's doorway into hell.

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P0keLegendsStudent Traditional Artist
Do you make sounds for your mobs?
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Demon Dog. O.O
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that's in mlp
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RainbowDash533Hobbyist General Artist
:D my little pony my little pony myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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Carter2144Hobbyist General Artist
Is't that beautiful?
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
If people keep posting Ideas i was gonna do, EnderBeastCraft may never be done :3
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And now you're back!

Great modelling btw

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Thanks! :D

I've been trying to think of new ideas for ages and this just came to me. I've already got a word document with 20+ ideas and now I'm just making the models.

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Cannot wait to see them :D
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