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Myths and Monsters - Centaur

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Mob Type: Neutral (Tameable)
Health Points: 15-30 (Varies on each centaur)
Attack Damage: 3 (Unarmed)
Spawn: In herds of 2-6 in Plains or Forest
Drops: Leather (0-2) + Any items in inventory
Experience: 3-5

Description: Centaurs are well-known mythological beings with upper bodies of humans and lower bodies of horses. They spawn rarely in herds of 2-6 in Plains and Forest biomes. They are neutral and fight in packs, meaning if one becomes hostile to you all nearby centaurs also become hostile. They will become hostile if you attack them, or if you try to ride an untamed centaur.

You can tame centaurs with various items, ranging from foodstuffs like apples to valuable materials like gold or diamond. After they have been tamed, you can ride on their backs like horses. When ridden, they will attack any hostile mob that comes within range of their attacks, or any mob/player you attack or are attacked by. They have accessible inventories, consisting of a weapon slot, 3 armour slots (helmet, chestplate, horse armour), and a saddle slot.
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YinYangTheEpicStudent Digital Artist
make  a female version female is different male looks like this.
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this doll is super
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Carter2144Hobbyist General Artist
How can you delete that options when you are in Paint.net? When you copy paste picture, how to delete the bar with dimensions, offset etc. ?
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Whilst the model and texture are great, the fact that he's tameable is quite odd x3
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I suppose it is, but in the original legends centaurs were wild beasts with lower than human intelligence, so taming them would be possible.

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Well, it stills feels quite odd :iconshrugplz:

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