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Minecraft Mob Idea - Necromancer

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Mob Type: Hostile
Health Points: 26
Attack Damage: N/A
Spawn: Graveyard (Rare generated structure)
Drops: Bones (0-4), Rotten Flesh (0-6)
Rare Drop: Necromancy Staff

Description: This hostile mob is unlike any other, as it cannot directly attack any mob ar player. It instead spawns multiple zombies and/or skeletons to damage any nearby players (1-4 every 30 seconds). As it has no personal means to protect itself from harm, the lower its health falls the more mobs it will spawn in one go, with a maximum of 8 at once when nearing death.

There you go! My first ever 3D minecraft model. This was my first attempt at using Techne, so it may not be great. Constructive criticism and tips are welcome and greatly appreciated.
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LeaMagic12Student General Artist
I wonder if it uses Necromancy to get revenge on those who don't give him emeralds.....

I find this really cool design, especially for your first, the Alpaca aproves!
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Waaaaay better than my first attempt.
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I must say that this is a good, interesting idea (the only thing is the Necromancer would need to have certain properties like the witch, which will differ him from normal villagers). The texture is pretty good though!
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Thank you. :D It was my first time texturing anything so I'm glad you like it.
What certain properties do you think would suit the necromancer?
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Well, since you ask, I think the "properties" I mean are his staff, his hostility towards other mobs, and enhancement of ailments he might give. So, first, the staff. Since he is a necromancer, his staff can look similar to his skull-hat, being a stick, with a normal skeleton skull, but the eyes and mouth are glowing white. Then, because he is still a villager (at some point at least), he will not attack other villagers (similar to the witch), (unlike the mobs he spawns, which act like default ones). Now, being a death magician, he might shoot dark orbs that will give an effect called "Life Sap", which acts like Withering, and, like Withering, gives the sapped health to the sender of the dark orb. I believe that some small changes may be done to the spawn rate, however, they are quite minor, and it's up for you decide what to take in, and what to leave behind. Nod
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Actually this is a fantastic design, especially for your first one
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Thanks! :D It took me ages to make the villager design and the hat, and I still haven't figured out how to get the robe to work, but I think the end product came out well.
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No problem :D
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