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Minecraft Mob Idea - Adventurer/Wandering Villager

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Adventurer / Wandering villager (I can't decide on the name)

Mob Type: Passive
Health Points: 20
Attack Damage: 4+ (Damage depends on weapon held)
Spawn: Low chance of spawning, but can spawn in any biome
Drops: N/A
Trades: Trades are random, but are centred around adventuring supplies such as tools, armour and building material

Description: Some villagers don't take to staying in one place forever, so they pack up their stuff and head out into the world. Adventurers spawn all over the world in any biome, and can be traded with without having to find a village. There is only one truly interesting thing about them, and that is the fact that, after trading with them three times, a fourth option appears. It includes paying them up to 3 emeralds and one sword of any material, and in return the adventurer will follow you and protect you, much like a tamed wolf. The adventurer uses whatever sword you gave them to attack, dealing damage to enemies equal to the damage you would deal were you wielding the sword (e.g. 4 damage with wood, 6 damage with iron).
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twoloon121212Student Traditional Artist
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AnimeFan020Student Digital Artist
Adventure Villager :D
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Can I have a download for the model? I'd like to use it for actually making this a mod. :D
MCreator is pretty good for doing that.
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Carter2144Hobbyist General Artist
How to make villagers in Techne? And, how to save all parts of body together, like when you go with cow model, you get foldr with left leg, right leg etc. But you don't get that when you are going with standard. I know why, but how to create that folder?
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WolfGirl8103Hobbyist Artist
Can you actually get these on minecraft?
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Roy225Hobbyist Digital Artist
dude use MCreator to make this real.
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What a lovely idea :D
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Thanks! :D I'm basically just making them up as I go along, but I've got a whole notebook full of ideas somewhere.
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Ah, notebooks :3
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