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Hordecraft - Smart Zombie

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Smart Zombie

Mob Type: Hostile
Health Points: 25
Attack Damage: Scales with health and difficulty (see: [link] and +1 for each)
Spawn: Spawns along with certain other mobs in a horde (other mobs coming soon)
Drops: 0-2 Rotten flesh, iron ingot, carrot, potato
Rare Drops: Equipped items, iron shovel, iron sword, random iron armour
XP: 7

Description: Smart zombies are a real danger to any Minecrafter. Not only are they more powerful than your average zombie, but as the name suggests, they are distinctly more intelligent. For example, they can open doors instead of breaking them and activate buttons and switches, meaning they can get into unprotected buildings with ease. Not only that, they can also break torches to allow more mobs to spawn.
Their fighting programming is better too, as they stick to paths where players cannot see them so to take them by surprise, they aim for the weaker players first (i.e. those with less armour) and they try to run away when nearing death.

So that was my newest design for a minecraft mob, the smart zombie. Like the alerter zombie, it is part of my Hordecraft mod idea. It's definitely not my favourite of my ideas, but I made it anyway.
Tell me what you think and if you have any tips on how to improve it, I'm all ears.
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shadowequinoxStudent Digital Artist
i've seen the others, but this is probably the most dangerous. no contest
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I suggest nerfing it. Seems too hard to beat.
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Some-GeniusHobbyist General Artist
I have an idea, maybe a big tank zombie that has half the zombie villager spawn rate but can destroy common blocks?
Or a zombie that can *infect* you so you move slower?
Or a zombie that spawn half health baby zombies?
I have tons of ideas.
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Funnily enough, I've got some similar ideas already planned.
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Some-GeniusHobbyist General Artist
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Some-GeniusHobbyist General Artist
A function to sprint on low health and use of taking swords from chests?
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Makes sense
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