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Hordecraft - Alerter Zombie

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Alerter Zombie (not sure about the name, any suggestions for a better one are welcome)

Mob Type: Hostile
Health Points: 14
Attack Damage: Scales with health and difficulty (see: [link] and -1 for each)
Spawn: Spawns along with certain other mobs in a horde (other mobs coming soon)
Drops: 0-2 Rotten flesh, iron ingot, carrot, potato
Rare Drops: Equipped items, iron shovel, iron sword, random iron armour
XP: 5

Description: Alerter zombies are a part of my new mod idea, Hordecraft (best name I could think of). They're weaker than normal zombies but have a really annoying effect. When they see you, instead of attacking you, they start a 5 second long 'roaring' animation. After the roar is completed, every zombie in a 50 block radius become aware of you (even if their vision is obstructed by a wall or other obstacle) and chase you. Once this happens, the alerter zombie attacks you like a normal zombie.
You can interrupt the roaring animation by damaging the alerter before it finishes, making it stop and try to start over. If this happens, the alerter will repeatedly try to finish the roar until it is either successful or dead.

Here we go, the first major mob in Hordecraft! The alerter was one of the first mob ideas I had, and it was only recently that I thought to make it. I have an alternate model for the 'roaring' side with an open mouth, but it doesn't look very good in my opinion.
If you have tips or a better name, then feel free to tell me.
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