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12 stages of heartbreak
1. In a world where there is nothing and no one but us two, I would kiss your tired eyelids every night, and in the morning, we'd paint the sunrise together.
In a world where there is nothing and no one but us two, I would hold you so close to my heart that you could hear every piece of me crash and fall for you, like layers of the tide.
In a world where there is nothing and no one but us two, I would dedicate my years to studying the curves and edges of your smile and the deep, silky folds of your laugh.
In a world where there is nothing and no one but us two, I would let myself slip into the blues of your eyes and dance in the mist and smoke for as long as I could dream.
In a world where there is nothing and no one but us two, I would be there for you through every despairing moment and thank the heavens for letting me hold you in my arms.
2. I am so
Even though
I wanted to grow old
With your hand in mine
I needed to grow old
Holding someone else's.
3. I don't know about bef
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just another love story
You sat there, folded into yourself, the concaves under your eyes red from fatigue. You were shivering so violently I could feel the trembling in the air, through the narrow space between us. I wanted to reach out and touch you. I wanted to steal the cold dew from the rain off your cheeks so you could rest, but I feared your reaction. You were defeated and vulnerable and any affection on my part may have thrown you into further despair. As much as I wanted to be near you, to hold your face in my hands and kiss your pouting lips, I wasn't selfish enough to ignore your reserve. I inhaled sharply and held it. I did not want you to mistake a sigh for annoyance, so I watched even my breathing.
"Tea or coffee?" I whispered, just barely loud enough for you to hear.  
You glanced at me quickly as if you were startled out of a dream, the light from the city flickering over your irises and filling them with countless fires in red, gold, and blue. It tore me apart, not touching you. Who woul
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Hetalia LOL icons - Austria by HetaliaIcons i am a smol bean pls be impress



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xXSilveretteRoseXx Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Professional Writer
yo! not sure if you remember me or not, but i wanted to leave you a quick not-so-quick message.

i went on hiatus for about a year due to some gross personal shit, then i came back to deviantART because i had made the decision to delete my entire account and quit pursuing my interest in literature. before i could do this, though, i stumbled across that old tinatangi series you started way back when in 2015. you reached out to myself to collab for america's ending, if you remember? and hey, just wanted to let you know you essentially saved my writing career. i read over that piece i did for you and it kind of reminded me why i do what i do? why i write and why i love doing what i do for a living. 

i was also reading basically every work you have in your gallery (mesoclumsy included) and, just so you know, you've come so, so far.

this may seem out of the blue, and if so i apologize, but i just wanted to let you know that you kind of renewed my sense of inspiration? i wanted to drop by and give you my thanks.

keep creating. you're so talented. 
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LordRabbid Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
<3 nice art
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AlexandNintendo2 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the Llama!
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