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Can't you just hear my screams of joy? :) No seriously though, I am beyond overjoyed.  Never again will I have to see Chemustry or Psychology in a serious setting. Sweet, sweet freedom. Until next year, of course, because I'm obviously a masochist who enjoys tossing away her high school life to drown in the college version of awful areas of study such as Physics and Calculus and English and Modern European History (which incidentally, says a lot about Napoleon, which is weird...)! I just love my life. Anyway, enough whining on my part.

Sooo...long time...no see? Wow. Really though. I haven't touched this website in a good year, at the very least. In my defense, I sold my soul to my AP Chemistry textbook. Never, EVER take that class. I don't care how much you like chemistry-don't do it. I apologize, really. I digress. And I also discovered my best friend took to showing her boyfriend all my awful stuff I have on my page. Thank you Lauren, thank you my dear. It's not like he totaly thinks I'm crazy now or anything. Moooving on, now's when I probably start freaking out about whatever I'm currently obsessed with at the moment, but that list is too long for anybody who gives even half of an inkling of concern. Which no one does anyway.

Maybe in the summer I'll put up all my stuff frorm this year, but it may be a while. I have all of lastyear's paintings, all of this year's, and a sketchbook and a half of material. Gah. Anyway,rigjt now I'm focusing on deleting all my crappy stuff. Which will take a WHILE.

And oh hey, if anybody's into any of the following:
Harry Potter
Hunger Games
Looking Glass Wars
Maximum Ride
Howl's Moving Castle
The Mortal Instruments
and several other series, I highly suggest you check out this girl Burdge-Bug. Her stuff is AMAZING. It's ridiculous beyond beleif.
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