I Abhor Midterms.

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I do, I truly, truly, do. Although it is quite nice to get out of school at 9:30. I haven't been able to do anything art related, other than my final for Drawing & Painting, so I'm SUPER behind. I'm also slightly mentally unstable at the moment due to lack of sleep and excessive stress over those futile pieces of filth named as exams. Cassidy, I hope you noticed my use of filth there as a tribute to Mr. Valliere.

I also am totally useless right now, seeing how my house is freezing so i refuse to move from the fireplace so I can't draw, and I finished Wicked (so, SO, good!) so I've been relying on my iPod for entertainment. It's doing a pretty good job. I'm so happy Homecoming finally happened too! (They cancelled it cause a Swine Flu) And it was quite funn aha.

But yeah, I'm gonna leave now, cause I'm going to go pass out.

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